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Nathaniel Paul drops new single called ‘Silence’.

Super talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter Nathaniel Paul has just released another gem of a song called ‘Silence’. I first found Nathaniel Paul’s beautiful vocal sound and brilliant song writing skills from him being 1/2 of The Bergamot. What I find incredible about Nathaniel Paul is that he can release so many great songs so close together and each one is unique and amazing. He also has a philosophy that I totally agree with.

Let’s practice empathy. Let’s rehearse forgiveness. Let’s exercise acceptance. Let’s normalize patience. Let’s seek unity. Let’s strive for integrity. Let’s give service. Let’s try respect. Let’s have faith. Let’s cry freedom. Let’s be friendly. Let’s hope for wisdom. Let’s put on gratitude. Let’s prepare cleanliness. Let’s instill self-discipline. Let’s shout faith. Let’s emote enthusiasm. Let’s consider truthfulness. Let’s sing harmonious. Let’s trust. Let’s be VIRTUOUS.”

Imagine how the world would be if everyone did the above. Wow. Anyway, take a listen to ‘Silence’ here and enjoy the music video.

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