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Mike McClellan releases new single called ‘If Sorrow Should Find You’.

Aussie legend Mike McClellan has again released a song that is relevant and relatable. This song, ‘If Sorrow Should Find You’ is a song of hope that we all need to hear right now. Australia, especially the east coast is full of emotions right now as we all deal with lockdowns, protests, fear and misinformation spreading faster than Covid 19. As Mike wrote ‘the heart always yearns for the light’. This sums up how I am feeling right now, seeking the light in this situation. ‘If Sorrow Should Find You’ is well worth the listen! This song is on Mike’s 9th studio album called ‘Behind Every Mask’ due for release in September. His last single ‘Letter to America’ (see below) will also be on this album.

Jen – Music Injection

If Sorrow Should Find You, is available from all major streaming and digital platforms Friday 30th July.

Mike McClellan has long been regarded as one of the finest singer, songwriter, guitarists Australia has ever produced.  He’s had three top 5 singles, recorded ten albums, of which two went gold, many songs covered internationally, hosted his own TV series on the ABC (Australia’s national broadcaster) for four years and sold out concerts across Australia.  He’s universally known as The Song and Danceman after the title of his biggest hit which was voted song of the year by the Australian Music industry in 1975.  It’s an iconic song in his native Australia and has been covered many times around the world. Listen to The Song and Danceman here

For 15 years Mike was the pre-eminent singer songwriter of his generation in Australia before retiring from the road to pursue a very successful career in advertising.  But in the last 10 years he has returned to writing and performing and, in the words of ABC 702 radio’s Drive presenter Richard Glover, “just gets better and better.”  

More info on Mike McClellan here

Watch ‘Letter to America’ here (also on ‘Behind Every Mask’.)

This emotion filled song is so engaging I had to stop everything and just listen. Very well written song and filled with relevant issues the US is going through still after Donald Trump has left office. The lyrics reminded me that at least great music came from the US so at least that is something to hold on to.

Jen – Music Injection

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