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Zebrahead release brilliant new single ‘Lay me down to Rest’.

‘Lay me down to Rest’ is one of 2021’s top releases! Zebrahead pure energy seems renewed with the addition of Adrian Estrella. MFZH YEAH!

Zebrahead have a new band member after Matty quit the band via text. This caused fans major concern that this was the end BUT wow new singer Adrian Estrella’s addition has added a new element that has far exceeded my expectations. We are all struggling with the world pandemic and to have my fav band’s brilliance increase tenfold has made 2021 a better year. I am filled with hope that there is a new album in the works that will blow my mind. Adrian’s talent and willingness to connect to fans is admirable. He really has put loads of energy into making sure he offers Zebrahead his all. Watch ‘Lay me down to Rest’ here. I will be!

Adrian’s insanely brilliant vocal sound contrasts beautifully with Ali’s. When I first heard ‘Lay me down to Rest’ I felt a huge relief that Zebrahead would remain one of my fav bands. I love their songs and as I was a Matty fan this was this doubt in my head that he could be replaced. I researched Adrian’s band Assuming We Survive and listening to them I wondered how I had not heard them before.

Adrian “After knowing the dudes in zebrahead for years now and having played a few shows with them and already considered them friends, I was honoured when I got the call to join the band. Working together on the new songs has been such a fun time and I look forward to playing shows and meeting the fans.I am so beyond stoked to have you all hear our new single ‘Lay Me To Rest.’ I could not be prouder of the song, work, time and effort we’ve all put into this

Ali Tabatabaee adding this “I can’t wait for everyone to hear ‘Lay Me to Rest.’ the song is about appreciating the time you have and making the most of each and every day. Adrian’s powerful voice really compliments the zebrahead sound and I’m excited for our fans to hear the new songs! Chapter three…let’s go!” 

Ben Osmundson says this about the video“The band came up with the idea for the video when ‘Lay Me To Rest’ was picked as the introduction song for Adrian.  Since it incorporates death and moving onward, we thought it was the perfect fit for what was actually happening in real life to the band.  We had to decide if we were going let one of the most important things in our life die, or if we wanted to use this hard time to re-energize us and reaffirm how lucky we are to be doing this for a living.”

Check out Adrian pre Zebrahead in Assuming We Survive ‘Too Close’.

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