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Golding’s new single ‘Boxing Underwater‘ is a real gem of a song! With Jay Bainbridge’s smooth vocals complemented by Cailin Russo’s Golding’s new single is one of 2021’s best releases. It’s catchy, has great lyrics and quite hypnotic. I have loved Jay’s vocals since his early days of NSOD and it is great that he has teamed up Matt Bartlem to continue making brilliant music. Check out ‘Boxing Underwater‘ below.

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Indie electronic stunners Golding have released their neoteric new single Boxing Underwater, a meandering, expressive track that ponders – will the magnetic force that drew two people together still exist when those people are sober?  Co-written with beloved pop songwriter Jarryd James and featuring the breathtakingly understated vocals of Cailin Russo.

Boxing Underwater is evocative of indie-electro-pop influences such as RÜFÜS DU SOL, Running Touch, and Chet Faker, yet Golding continues to carve a unique path for themselves through their intricate, hooky vocal melodies, modern, sharp production, and clever lyrical turns that keep the listener guessing.  Boxing Underwater is particularly special, co-written alongside global superstar and master melodist Jarryd James, as lead singer Jay from Golding explains, “Jarryd has always been a huge inspiration and someone I’ve looked up to as an artist.  He’s always encouraged me to explore my musical freedoms and demonstrated the idea of ‘you can do anything’, there’s no rules in songwriting.  To finally be creating in a room with him was a special moment for me.”

Working alongside LA artist Cailin Russo was another snappy opportunity for Golding – and she is a perfect choice for this track, as her voice floats delicately amongst the hypnotic electronic bed of instruments.  Reflecting on their time working together, Jayremarks, We didn’t realise that the song could grow even more until Cailin came on to feature.  I’ve been a fan of Cailin’s music for years and have always had her in the back of my mind as someone I’d like to work with.  Her vocals really helped set the tone and the mood of the song, all the pieces fell into place.

The mood of the track is wistful, even a little melancholy, but undeniably beautiful.  There’s room for the listener’s interpretation, yet another alluring charm – the audience will interpret each word and each textural movement differently, as Jay explains, “I love how creatively vague the lyrics are.  I really want people to find their own meaning within the track and hope the lyrics can speak to people in their own way.  Boxing Underwater is a melodic expression that evokes emotion through the sonics of the track, allowing listeners to create their own sub-narrative and imagery in their minds.”

Filmed and directed by Nicholas Stevens (Havana Brown, Manu Crooks, Onefour) at Fastback Studios, the video for Boxing Underwater is engaging and beautifully shot, taking on a life of its own, as Matt explains, “It was really important to us to show varying sides of relationships, not just the good but the bad too. We wanted to capture the emotion of a real relationship so we were lucky enough to have real-life couple Mikalah and Zohar star in the clip, you can truly feel the love and chemistry between them as you watch the video unfold.”

After the success of their recent collaboration with Boo Seeka on Don’t Waste Your Love and previous single Alone. Together now on its way to notching up 2 million streams on Spotify alone (and spawning that ultracool Touch Sensitive remix), it’s a thrill to see this electrifying duo back again so soon, and with such a strong offering.  This really is just a taste of what is to come from Golding.

Boxing Underwater feat. Cailin Russo is out now.

Golding is Jay Bainbridge and Matt Bartlem.

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