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Ceschi drops single ‘Consider It A Win’.

Ceschi ‘s ‘Consider It A Win’ is a flashback to my 20’s fav type of music, fast-paced punk with full on in your face vocals. ‘Consider It A Win’ is from his new album ‘This Guitar Was Stolen Along With Years Of Our Lives’. With the whole world struggling with their mental health due to the pandemic lockdowns etc a song that takes a look at suicide is timely. The song explores both the feelings of someone close who had taken their own life and how that each day when he does not want to hang himself today that he ‘Considers it a Win’. So damn true! I encourage you to check out more music from Ceschi as he has so many different types of songs that will keep you entertained for hours. I hope he does grow old so we can hear many more genre-bending songs. Check out ‘Consider It A Win’ here.

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