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zebrahead release best punk rock EP of 2021 ‘III’.

Chapter 111 has started for zebrahead with an incredible banger of an EP, aptly called ‘111. With the addition of their new singer and guitarist Adrian Estrella, zebrahead has entered into their third chapter. Adrian was the BEST replacement for Matty who recently shocked everyone with his abrupt departure. Adrian does not only have the perfect vocal sound to take zebreahead’s sound to the next level but is a down to earth funny guy who has made a super effort to connect to fans. – Jen -Music Injection Aus

Adrian Estrella’s energy and attitude is captured here “Chapter 3 is honest, chaotic, passionate and driven, it’s been such an amazing process creating these songs and building this as a band, I couldn’t be prouder of everyone involved, looking forward to its release!”

zebrahead could have quit. They could have shrugged their shoulders and gave up. As one of their diehard fans I am so happy they did not. Instead, their resilience has been demonstrated with the brilliant EP just released. Vocalist/rapper Ali Tabatabaee“ Our EP “III” begins a new chapter for us, and I’m so excited for everyone to check it out! It’s been a passion project for us and has allowed us to push the boundaries of our creativity, and we can’t wait to play the new songs live the next time we are on tour in a town near you”  vocalist/rapper Ali Tabatabaee.

Usually, I now mention the standout tracks. Well hey, it is ALL of them. Other fans might argue but I think this is their best EP. I did not think that my fav Zebrahead song ‘Anthem’ would be replaced but once I heard ‘Lay Me to Rest’ I realised that it was. Perhaps when Adrian sings ‘Anthem’ that might change. I love how the music video addresses how Matty left the band. Anyway for now ‘Lay Me To Rest’ is my fav track.

Close behind is ‘Out of Time’. Honesty the music chemistry between Ali and Adrian feels like it has always existed.

Thirdly, ‘A Long Way Down’ is another gem. I love the solo guitar piece from Dan! I like listening and reflecting on the last two years and what the pandemic has done to us. A very relatable song.

Lyrically ‘Homesick for Hope’ is brilliant. An exploration of how suicide is not the way die and how cancel culture has affected this world. People are getting to the end of the road! The world has gone insane.

Punk rock mainstays zebrahead are vocalist/rapper Ali Tabatabaee, vocalist/guitarist Adrian Estrella, bassist Ben Osmundson, drummer Ed Udhus, and guitarist Dan Palmer.

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