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‘You Resurrect Me’ is the latest track from Antisolar.

International duo Antisolar have just released their third single ‘You Resurrect Me’. This sounds like they are a newcomers but this is not the case. They have been working together for nearly 20 years.  Olivier (based in Paris) and Andrew (based in Los Angeles) met in 2005 and have worked on projects before but have not released this music until now. I adore the bass and the vocal sound. Meaning wise, I think it is very relatable.

Olivier states “I’d gone from being an actor and having recorded an album that I was proud of to tending bar in a pub. I had also recently returned from abroad and watched a relationship end. As time went on wounds began to mend but the dreams I once had were long dead. I wanted nothing more than to collect a paycheck and numb myself. Work, sleep, work, sleep. I didn’t have a shred of creativity left in me. Then one day I saw a girl with beautiful blond curls and an incredible laugh, and something inside me sparked. I began recounting my recent years and the emotional events that defined them. I imagined that I was on a small boat navigating through the night, and then that I was arriving on shores at sunrise. This beautiful creature had me dreaming again and creating again. She resurrected me. This song became an anthem for a period in my life when I thought all was lost. It’s the song that made me face the disappointing turns my life had taken and helped me believe brighter days were ahead.”

While reading Olivier’s story, I realise how much I too had someone that resurrected me. If you feel that life is out of control, more so than ever after the last two years, then take a listen to ‘You Resurrect Me’ as there is always hope. I am really glad that I have found Antisolar and I can’t wait to hear what comes next.


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  1. Thanks for the lovely write-up, Jen!


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