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FiDA drops new single ‘WHAT 2 DO?’.

Independent artist FiDA was destined to create music. Immersed as a child in his father’s love for Michael Jackson & The Beatles and his mother’s passion for classic Pakistani hits & Bollywood soundtracks he had a wide range of early influences. As early as primary school FiDA was writing lyrics and he was encouraged by his music teacher to keep at it! Fast forward and FiDA is now inspired by Jai Paul, Kanye West & Frank Ocean as well as being interested in the artists J Dilla & Daft Punk style, it is no wonder that FiDA’s sound is unique. Using his bedroom as a studio, his previous releases have been played on BBC radio and he has had the honour of being invited to work at Abbey Road Studios no less!

WHAT 2 DO?’, FiDA’s latest track caught my attention as it had a relaxing effect on me. Even though the music is a little upbeat, FiDA’s smooth vocal sound made me stop what I was doing and focus fully on the song. Doing this, I related to the meaning, how FiDA pushes people away when he needs them the most. I totally connect to this as I do the same. Hip Hop is not usually a genre that I listen to often, but I am sold on WHAT 2 DO? and am adding it to my Chillout playlist. Take a listen here.

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