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Lady Serpentine and Fae’riy Lokks release ‘Soul Song’.

Dee Lunar & Fae’riy Lokks are from Far North Queensland tropical jungles and have teamed up to release a super charged anthem called ‘Soul Song’. The lyrics are so empowering, with the repeating lyrics driving the point home. From the first minute of the song I felt stronger, especially with the music video having beautiful scenes that remind me of places I want to go to recharge. The harmonies are amazing, both vocal sounds are beautiful, and them joining together with their passion create this feeling inside me that nothing is too much for me. This is very timely for me as we graple with a huge life decision in this household and I will be replaying this song to remind me that the power I need is within. I think the song is relatable but will be different for each person that listens. I adore songs like this. This song is a must listen to!


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