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Left Handed Knives drop new track ‘The One’.

Pop punkers Left Handed Knives have just released their new single ‘The One’. This song is the second song of their self-titled EP out now. In true pop-punk style, the song has driving guitars and a passionate story told. I love the vocal sound that is full of energy. The song explores how people can be so desperate to feel loved that they will fall for a scam online. As the lyrics say, even if the person knows that the online person has not shared their real name, yet every time photos are sent, they feel loved. A sad story, yet a real story for many as loneliness, especially at this time of year can hurt. I really like Left Handed Knives tight sound and the way they sound like a more seasoned band than a new one. If you love pop-punk, you must check this song out. You can do that here.

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