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Mylane releases a new single ‘The Way To You’.

The Way To You’ by Mylane is an emotional song that many will relate to. I adore the guitar at the start, and the solo near the end. ‘The Way To You’ also showcases the depth of talent of Peter and Andea as their vocal sound really creates the angst of trying to find the one person that is meant for them. This song and video are for anyone that is searching and wondering if it will ever happen. For many, as the music video suggests, they could be close by. Mine I had known since I was 12 and never in a million years did I think I think that he would be my soul mate.

Andrea Curti states this about the song “The Way To You tells the story of a person who, at a specific event in their life (milestone of my life), looks back at their experience and personal situation. The protagonist of this reflection, even without finding the “right person” for them, knows that somewhere that person exists and wonders if this sought-for elusive individual shares their same doubts and desires. Meanwhile, the protagonist lives through this quest with anxiety and impatience (I thought it would be easier to find someone to love and after all this time I’m still looking for you) and can’t help but wonder when this moment of happiness and satisfaction in sharing life with the “right person” comes (Where are you now? Why the hell we’re not together yet?). Everything is brought to life in the music video, with these two main characters unknowingly “chasing themselves” while living their everyday life, giving a message of hope by “ It is interesting to think, why do we have this idea that we only have one person? We live so much longer than when that became the fashion.

I am really intrigued to hear what this Italian alternative metal ban does next. Starting back in 2019, and gradually gaining members, Mylane is now made up of Andrea Curti (guitar), Fulvio Santarpia (drums), Pietro Canette (voice) and Luca Maddonini (bass). Take a listen to ‘The Way To You’ here.

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