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Diana Ezerex drops new single ‘I Know I Can’.

Diana Ezerex has an excellent philosophy on life that I agree with! She states “I am convinced that we can create a fairer society if we reflect more on ourselves and question our behaviour.” I love to imagine a world where people kept their behaviour in check, and honestly owned up to mistakes and how it has hurt others, as this world would be far better than the one we have now.

Diana Ezerex’s latest single ‘I Know I Can’ is the song that we need to hear right now! The last two years have been tough to say the least. Everybody has been affected by the pandemic even though some have coped better than others which is natural. Now 2022 is here, the positive message of ‘I Know I Can’ should be heard! Diana’s beautiful vocal sound and catchy music make the song enjoyable to listen to. To add to that, why not listen and make this the song to put on when you feel you need some encouragement to think… Hey! I can do this!

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