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Iam Nothe releases new single ‘Lord You Are The Cure’.

I loved Iam Nothe’s song ‘Lord You Are The Cure’ from the moment I listened to the guitar at the start. This in itself told a story and set the scene for the lyrics. Sure Iam’s awesome vocals and mastery of lyrics kept me listen, but that guitar blew me away. This is a song that you just don’t hear but absorb it so it stays with you. In a good way! I am not a huge blues fan, but this contemporary take really took my fancy.

Iam Nothe is the monkier of Spyreas Sid from Cyanna Mercury. He is no newcomer to the music industry and this is for sure apparent listening to ‘Lord You Are The Cure’. Iam states “You Are The Cure” is the first glimpse of that made-up world, telling a story of self-exploration through co-existential dread.” Interesting! Seems that there is much more to look forward to!

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