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Lua Faye releases first full length album ‘OVERCAST’.

Alt/pop Lua Faye has just released a new album called ‘OVERCAST’. This follows her debut Ep called ‘Syrens’. Lua Faye is one of those unique and quirky artist that sound changes as she explores her own idea’s constantly. She is not afraid of changing her sound, even in the same album. I am sharing her album ‘OVERCAST’ below and reviewing two of the songs from it.


The first song that caught my attention was ‘ Swimming’ which is the second song from the album. This song explores how Lua has an intense relationship with her “inspiration and life lessons”. Lua explains that when she is out with friends and drinks she turns introspective and becomes creative rather than social. I love the lyrics, how she feels like she is swimming and the imagery of currents and being in the control of the water, and asking for someone to save her. The music is super laid back so the lovely vocal sound is clear, and all lyrics are understood so it is easily to relate to ‘Swimming’.


Another song that I really love off ‘Happy’. I connected to this song at a deep level! Having had a breakup that was incredibly hard at the time, but I had to do it to be happy in the future. It worked! Lua really opens her soul in the lyrics which is why the song is so relatable. Anyone that is going through tough times in a relationship and feels that it is not going to work, even though it would be easier to stay miserable should listen to ‘Happy’ to assist your decision. Everyone has the right to be happy. Anyway back to the vulnerability of ‘Happy’, the music and gentle vocals really make the song. You could start to listen to this song thinking it will be a upbeat song about happiness, but this song is so much more. Take a listen below.

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