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Folly Tree releases new single ‘Remedies’.

‘Remedies’ by Folly Tree is a stunning single about the struggles of recovering from trauma. Not only that though, but it also takes one step further and explores how working through this time, and getting through to some healing can be very gratifying. ‘Remedies’ is the third release from her upcoming album. The vocals are incredible, such a wide range and sound within one song. ‘Remedies’ is a must listen to for those that are struggling after a bad experience and those that just love listening to beautiful vocals. To support the song, an impressive music video accompanies the release. A stand out scene for me is when the female is having a cup of coffee, looking out over the horizon, looking relaxed but when a flashback occurs of a man touching her neck, her body reacts, by curling her toes immediately due to tensing. I can relate to this, and the scene pulled at my heart strings. This is when I knew ‘Remedies’ was special. Take a listen here.


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