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S.A.M.’s Shi Eubank “I am not afraid”

PHOTO BY: Alectra Busey

Through the years I’ve talked to Shi Eubank a time or two. Every time I speak to him he gets more interesting. This guy will tell you anything you want to know and he’s not afraid to own his past, his present and take charge of his future.
I jumped right in and asked him a question that many people speculate on. How do you have the money that you have? I even told him I didn’t have to publish this part but he was insistent that if I felt like publishing it I could put it out here.
So, fasten your seatbelt because very few people could keep up with the pace he’s keeping.

“My life is so bad, I get to take pictures with topless girls.” He chuckled. What most people don’t know about him: he also owns eleven roofing companies that do 32 million a year in sales. He owns a genetic testing company with a major contract, a River tubing company, five rental cabins and he’s working on a distillery with Yelawolf. In addition sunglass company and the FAKE clothing brand. He owns more but I’m tired just typing this. It’s clear that his love of music is what drives him to be creative and continue performing.

His life wasn’t always how it is now. He made sure to stress how it upsets him that people call him a trust fund baby because he is self-made. “I grew up in North Memphis. I shared a full size bed with my brother. We were poor but my parents did the best they could with what they had. I came to school one day and there were two Rottweilers decapitated on the front steps. They belonged to a rival gang member and the other gang had kidnapped and killed them.” . Shi was “beaten half to death with a 9mm”.

His friendships are behind much of his music. His collaboration with Jelly Roll came about during a hang out conversation. Shi asked if Jelly would like to make a record together. Jelly rolls response: ” Let’s go Bubba!” . Let’s go indeed, the result of this collaboration was “Way Out” from the new album ” Choke Artist

The album also includes haunting collaboration with Elise Harper, “Infected”.

Don’t let his Instagram, which is full of pictures of him and mostly naked women, fool you. He loves and respects women more than most people who would never consider posting photos like those. He agreed with my comment that you can play a character without being the character. “The most important piece of my life that help me and guide me, govern what I do on a daily basis, are women.” Be on the lookout in October for an entire album who’s complete proceeds go to breast cancer awareness. “I’m giving it away every bit of it every dollar not recouping writing costs or any of that. Like everything given away completely to breast cancer awareness. It’s a good way to give back. I’ve had several of my friends that have gone through this traumatic process. It can be devastating for women.”

For myself, if I could accomplish just a portion of what this guy has, I’d be proud. Yet he isn’t satisfied. He has over thirty song written and waiting and he’s still not standing still and still is not afraid.

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Savage After Midnight is:
Shi – Vocals
Jeremiah – Guitars
JT – Keyboards, Vocals
Brandon – Bass
Zack – Drums

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