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Earthday Birthday Still Rocking

Once again, WJRR’s Earthday Birthday Proves To Be A Fan Favorite And Great Value

While experiencing a little bit of growing pains this year, Earthday Birthday can still claim the crown of the single best day of music festivals. With the average cost of around five dollars per band with a general admission ticket, getting your fix of live music with a much more intimate setting. Much smaller than the 40,000 plus fans at larger multi-day festivals, fans have nothing but love for this event.

This year, however, may have potentially triggered a sign that the event has out grown the size of the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Lines for food and beverages were longer than normal and, at one point, lead singer of Ice Nine Kills, Spencer Charnes, lept from the stage to catch a crowd surfer. To the crowd’s credit, most evryone realized they outnumbered the security and gently sat her down over the wall.

The food quality, and price, were both better than most people experince at large events. I shared a chicken philly ( I don’t eat bread), and the meat was quite tasty. Cost was only $11 and it was a full size roll with plenty of filling. The beer and other canned items were a normal bar price at $8. Call brand liquor was $11 with a Tito’s and Red Bull priced at $14. They were mixed a bit weak for my taste. The only thing I would like to change about the pricing is bottled water. At $3 each, it tends to discourage people from drinking as much as they probably should. While the festival is very leaniant with allowing people to carry in a sealed galloan of water per person, who really wants to carry that around all day? I’d much rather have a proper bottle filling station.

The Lineup was stellar. The main stage, the Byrd, unfortunately faces west, so in the late afternoon, the artists must stare into the sun and the pavement reflect even more heat up on the attendees. More than one person succmumbed to the heat and had to be moved out by paramedics. Jelly Roll stopped his set on the Turn It Up Stage. He announced “We take care of our fans here”, presumably as a call back to the Astro World tragedy. Jelly Roll had one of the largest crowds I’ve seen in quite awhile and everyone was just jamming and enjoying him and his sparkling personality.

Local favorites Soul Switch even had a special guest bassist. None other than WJRR’s own Supa Dave.

Chris Motionless, of Motionless in White, delighted fans by jumping from the stage and running down the center runway, shaking hands, taking selfies and working many female fans into a screaming frenzy. His performance was the largest of the day at the Turn It Up Stage

The acoustic sets were extremely popular this year, sometimes standing room only. Wage War was a great one. It’s always fun to experience how a heavy performance translates into a softer sound. It was unfortunate that Black Veil Brides had to cancel theirs. I’m sure it would have been amazing.

Black Stone Cherry put on a high energy set. Possibly the best one I’ve seen from them. They were on point and didn’t let up until their last note was played.

After sundown, Three Days Grace too the Byrd stage by storm. The energy was hard, heavy, and never ending. They certainly had everyone involved and worked up for Godsmack. Three Days Grace left it all on the stage.

Godsmack delivered a ton of Pyro and flash. People really get into the visual of this show. I love them every time I see them. I don’t think I have ever seen them have a bad night musically or vocally. Sully is as good as he ever was, and no one was disappointed. They brought heat literally and figuratively.

The one thing many fans may have missed out on were performances from Living Dead Girl and The Convalescence. They were a little lost over at the smaller Even The Odd stage. Both of them delivered solid performances and Molly from Living Dead Girl has a charisma that should be admired. The Convalescence ‘s performance was more suited to a larger stage. I felt, given a larger area would have brought more out of them. I loved their look and their stage presence.

As a whole Earthday Birthday has become one of the best festivals out there. There are rarely any crowd or notable security issues and fans in general have a great spirit to them. I highly recommend coming to this festival at least once.

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