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Nick Phoenix Sits Down To Discuss Past, Present, and His Future

With his new album Wide World Nick Phoenix shows you can revisit your first love.

You may or may not know him by name, but you certainly have heard, and probably love his past projects. Having just returned from his European tour with Two Steps From Hell, Nick Phoenix sat down to tell us all about his Wide World album, his single Andromeda and a little bit of facts behind the filming for the video. He also told me what it was like just starting out.

“This ( referring to his album Wide World) is always what I thought I’d be doing when I was younger. I tried to write songs when I was younger but was not very successful and at the same time I really got into the film side of things I slipped into that and have been doing that for a very long time. I just forgot about it. I played here and there with bands just for fun but I forgot about the whole thing and now I’m back with my original passion.,”

The title track echoes sentiment about getting back out after COVID lockdowns. Written while everything was on hold, it’s definitely got a deeper impact and timely message. “I wrote this during COVID-19 (referring to the original months of lockdowns) and while we are still dealing with it, people are getting it there.”

I asked him a little bit about the filming of the Andromeda video and he was very forthcoming with some of the lesser known stories. “Hanging from a harness in front of the screen like your floating around in space is the exact opposite of zero gravity. It’s actually pretty painful! The original girl, who appears in just a small portion of the video, quit after the first day. We told her we were done with the harness but literally halfway through the day she quit because she couldn’t take it anymore. Turns out the girl we replaced her with looks nearly identical so there are two girls in the video instead of one.”

It was exactly those kind of twists that got Nick Phoenix to the point of selling out shows by building one of the largest, albeit unlikely following. The success of Two Steps From Hell came from doing something many artists steer away from. “People started making their own videos to our music and posting them on YouTube. Instead of taking them down, we left them up and it just grew organically.”

I asked that since he was appearing in his own videos with his rock performances did he think he’d miss the anonymity as his success grows. “Well (chuckles) that’s very optimistic of you.” That’s me miss optimistic. Truthfully, he has so many current fans, getting attention shouldn’t be that difficult. He expressed concerns about the fan bases being different. Are they really? Good music is good music. In fact, I know plenty of people who listen across genres and it becomes easier each day to create playlists. “Lately, we’ve (Two Steps From Hell) been invited to a lot of heavy metal festivals for some reason. I’m just trying to get to a level with my rock album so I can book a tour, ya know.”

His next single entitled Rise Up was played as the encore to Two Steps From Hell on the European tour. It was well received by fans. You can expect to see a video in about a month. Be sure to pop by and check out one of the best interactive websites ever. You can create remixes of his songs. Seems like a ton of fun. He’s incredibly devoted to fans. Dare I say Fancentric. I enjoy these types of artists immensely. You never forget your first love, and Nick Phoenix is definitely coming from the heart on this one.

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