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Interview with Craig from Chidos. Here in Australia right now

The long wait is over as Craig Owens & Michigan’s CHIODOS have hit our shores this with the first show in Brisbane tomorrow night at the Hifi– Thursday 29th January!  for their first visit in over 5 years and in support of their stunning 4th full length album ‘Devil’. Along for the ride are one of Australia’s hottest bands STORM THE SKY!

The title of the album itself reflects Owens, and inevitably the band’s daily struggle to stay the course in living a productive life amidst the adversities of each day. 

’Devil is assuredly the most daring, exhilarating, and personal work of Chiodos‘ career, reigniting the band to continue on’’ – Absolute Punk

Craig Owens enthuses “Devil isn’t something I thought long and hard about. It is something that hit me, and hard. I asked myself if I was brave enough to stand behind such a strong, emotionally evoking word and I knew right then, that was it.

One of the most unpredictable live acts CHIODOS are set to do deliver their explosive live show for Australian Audiences in January 2015.

‘’It’s safe to say that fans will not only come, they will be banging the bloody door down for those shows. And too right, as there’s no rock show, like a Chiodos rock show’’ – Bring The Noise UK

 Now you can finally get to see the ‘Devil’ down under…..

 ‘Devil’ is out now via Faction / Sony


 THURSDAY JANUARY 29TH –THE HI FI, BRISBANE 18+ Tickets available at


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  • Hi Craig it’s Jen from Music Injection how are you going?chidos1
  • Hi I’m doing well thank you.
  • It’s great that you’re coming back to Australia after five years
  • Yeah!
  • You are released your fourth full-length album this year, the title “Devil” reflects yours and the bands daily struggle to stay the course in living a productive life amidst the adversatives of each day which is something that most people can relate to, can you tell us some of the struggles you deal with?
  • Sure, I struggle with depression that I’ve struggled with my whole life, I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar about eight years ago and so that’s a start and just being a human being. It’s just not very easy in this day and age. I don’t even know if being fully happy is part of life. It’s about all the things I’ve struggle with throughout the last few years.
  • I love the artwork for the album, been thinking about what it could represent, can you tell us?
  • Sure, it’s basically learning to balance, I think life is like balance and its balancing in the storm and the beauty and and no matter what it is that you’re surrounded with. It’s about the climb, it’s like climbing a ladder you know and I think the red balloon represents beauty and I think that it’s important to stay focused on that no matter what you surrounded by.
  • Yeah it’s important to hold onto.
  •  You know it’s hard, all of them came from my heart and my head. So would depend on the time of day from me as well (laughing) but specifically I would say 3 AM the most likely, just because that is about chasing your dreams and sacrifices that you have to make doing that. As a musician I know that there is 1 million other people that would love to be my position. And how I separate myself from them by about how much work I put in. I do have to sacrifice a lot so does anyone whose job is goal orientated and are chasing their dreams. You have to sacrifice a lot including relationships. I am not coldhearted like it seems. And when that workday ends and it does end, you’re lying in bed in the middle of the night and is staring at the ceiling and wondering how the hell did I do that. I had the chance of real happiness but this goal and dream sidetracked me again. And that is what the song 3 AM is about.
  • Well Craig that’s a really powerful message.
  • Well it’s just so true. Yeah it’s really got me thinking.
  • Your song called Ole Fishlips is Dead now, there has got to be story behind that song, can you tell us about that?
  • Yeah of course. It’s most relatable, and it’s funny that the movie just come out. I’m going to see the movie tomorrow. I am a big Jillian Flynn fan, I have read her book gone girl three years ago and I love how the ending wait, a spoiler alert, but you learn to accept love, is not perfect, love is pain it’s agony, its happiness, it’s joy, it’s everything and that was kind of my interpretation of it. This song is a love song about hating love but loving it as well it’s my interpretation of feelings that I have is a human being. It hurts, love is what makes you most vulnerable and hurts the most. But it also makes you the most happiest. Love can be beautiful.
  • So I guess the lineup now is almost the same as 2005( with the exception of Thomas Erak replacing Jason and Thomas. After working together all these years do you think your friendships and communication has been the key to the reforming?
  • I think friendship is a big part of it and communication is even bigger you know, if you don’t communicate you don’t have a friendship. But at the same time I think that you will have to want to be there and when it comes down to it we just human beings doing what we love. Like the typical rockstar cliches of hating each other, with just a bunch of people playing music and not everyone wants to do that, people change.
  • Yeah I guess being on the road was you with annoyed each other.
  • Oh no it’s worse than annoyed, (both• laughing!) You’re basically married to a people in the tour bus and we usually have eight or nine people. And you are married to that many people, you see them day in and day out your living together. And you see all of their bad habits, let’s not say annoyed let’s say lothe! Let’s be real about it (both laughing) that’s okay you just have to accept them for who they are. You have to create certain boundaries for yourself and really focus on your own health and do things for yourself. I have to work out every day I just have to when I’m on the road. I had to find a coffee shop to get away. Everyone has to find the right balance.
  • You have just finished up your The Parks and Devastation Tour with bring me the Horizon and A Day to Remember. How much fun was that? Can you tell us any funny stories that you can share.
  • It was great, they are amazing musicians that maintain integrity while also pushing the limits of their music genre. I love all of them as human beings and musicians. So that was an honour and I really enjoyed myself. It’s always a party with a day to remember like they put on throw toilet paper at the crowd, and destroying their stage every night, they put on the funniest live shows I have ever seen. Every night was just a blast, every night was a party it was just so much fun. There wasn’t really any specific funny thing that stands out to me though during my day I would have a different view of it that other people would have it.
  • How did the crowds there like hearing songs off Devil being played there?

Oh they loved it. It was great. In the States it was really really well accepted so I’m hoping it is the same in Australia. In the States it’s gone over really well besides the few online warriors it’s been done pretty great. (Laughing)

 Ah that leaves it in to my next question. I was looking at your Facebook page last night.

A show was cancelled not due to any fault of your own, some of your fans on facebook were a bit rough on your guys, how do you handle fans like that? How do you handle it personally?

Personally it’s really difficult you know as a band you just keep moving forward but personally I resent the hell out of them so that. We’re the opener and just because where the only one that said anything about it doesn’t mean you hang the messenger. I mean we had nothing to do with that and I understand is a fan you want to lash out. But as a fan I would never go on a Facebook page, no matter how much is looking forward to that I would not speak negatively like that. I think that it shows that they have a lot of growing up to do and I definitely resent the hell out of them for that, it really bums me out. I really think it’s not fair any sense of the word. I accept that as a fan they are bummed but we as a band are legitimately bummed as well. We want to play as many shows as we could. I mean that’s what we do! That’s what we love to do and people thinking that it was cancelled out of spite are immature and uncalled for. Facebook is like the safe haven for all negative comments to come out so at this point I’m probably one of the most engaged musicians as far as social media goes, I love hearing other people’s opinions because I like to hear the other side before I form an opinion. But I have to tell you they have turned me off reading the comments or even wanting to be involved in the comments because they are so crass and negative and I can’t let that sink into my head. Because then I started here going around in my head and life is not the Internet and the negativity reigns out so much louder than the thousands of people that are positive about it and just didn’t say anything. It is hard we have to find the right balance of staying engaged and caring about what they say and able to detach yourself really. At the end of the day as long as you have tried your hardest and have the best intentions there is nothing more you can do. I can’t give any more of myself to my fans. I literally share pieces of my soul in my music I have kind of sacrificed my life and my relationships to tour and all of my time and thoughts go into being creative so I can share that with other people. While it may seem like a selfish endeavour you know I have to believe it has helped a lot of people. A lot of people come along for the ride so the thought that I am completely self-seeking and do it on purpose is really insulting because of all the sacrifices that we have made.

Craig, even when I was reading some of the comments last night I was getting frustrated so I don’t know how you do it. Yeah it’s really hard. You have to take into account that they may not know the music industry. They might have just been having a bad day. You know I don’t even know some of those fans were even planning on going they just used it as a way to project the negativity. So that makes them feel better, okay but I can’t let it bleed into my head and heart. The last thing I want to is be jaded. I mean I share my deep secrets through my music with strangers and if they make me feel isolated from them then that’s really hard and I can’t do that for my heart sake.

You are going to Mexico next, how many shows do you have there?

  • Going three absolutely awesome. We love Mexico, they are the most gracious culture, the fans are amazing and besides the bootleg merchandise that’s brilliant. I can’t wait, I love the Mexican food, I live in South California but I’m originally Michigan so I am spoilt with Mexican food, I can’t wait. We’re just going to have fun, got some friends that are going to be joining us.
  • Then coming Down under, unique that every capital city is being played. I know some people in Perth and very happy that you are going there. Was it your plan to cover all capital cities or was it your management that booked it?
  • Oh right, we have been to Perth now a few times and I love it there ends I think it’s a great. Other than doing soundwave we haven’t spent too much time in Australia, we have done three or four tours, throughout my career so I think it’s the awesome record label that were signed up for and I said this is what you should do, and they obviously know the Australian culture saying they tell us what shows to do when we trust them. And we said yeah of course so I get to spend time in cities that I haven’t before so it is going to be great!
  • Well that is good so on your Facebook page you won’t be bombarded with negative comments! (laughing) Ha! All of a sudden our Kiwi fans are going to come out and say why you not coming to New Zealand? I am sure people find something to complain about. (Laughing)
  • Will you have some time to take in the sights down here? 
  • Well we don’t have that many days off and we are doing some tours around it that we have not announced yet, I think we might be doing possibly Thailand, Singapore or after so we wont be getting much site seeing time in. Last time I was there with my other band because the Soundwave was messed up we had a show then three days off, then a show then two days off, so I spent a lot of time specifically in Sydney and it was great! Really awesome.
  • Thanks for your time today, better wrap this up or we will go over time. Look forward to you coming down here next year.

Absolutely Jen, thanks your time, see you then.


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