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Jen interviews Karin from Vildirheart about their new album Send me to the Lions.

Hi Karen, thanks for the chat, Your name VildirHeart, is there a meaning behind that?

Vildir is an old version of the Swedish word for wild. We liked the idea of a wild organic heart. We think of music as the language of the heart. And ofc, having a mum, son, and daughter in the same band is very unique and maybe a bit wild and crazy. Mixing the languages is also typical for us. The word for heart in Swedish is ”hjärta” which is hard to spell and pronounce for our English- speaking audience.VH4

Tell us about your first album The Core, you had a few songs on radio rotation

Yes, we started discussing just a few recordings for SoundCloud (or MySpace I think it was in 2010) – but the writing process went really well and the rewriting too, so we added more songs and ended up with a 10 song album. The collaboration process with the producer went well, with new ideas coming in that took us to the next level. Recorded a video of the song ”If There Was a Fourth Wish”, got some appreciation for it and got more and more excited.

I like the unique way that you sing in English then add a bit of Swedish, was that a conscious decision or did the lyrics fit better in both languages?

It started with an idea of creating an authentic sense in what we were saying. Many artists all over the world sing in English without seem knowing what the words really mean. I wrote in Swedish, translated the lyrics into English but decided to keep some of the Swedish lines. It also may give the listeners a Scandinavian association.

In regards to your Indie style, was it the way you planned to be and Indie band or has your style evolved?VH5

I grew up with a lot of music in the house: Swedish folk music, classical music, ABBA, Bob Dylan, jazz etc. Studied music at gymnasium and the Royal Music Academy. Around 10 years ago I was introduced to bands like Magic Numbers, The Killers, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Band of Horses, Hästpojken, MAE, Dashboard Confessional, Bayside, Of Monsters And Men and Regina Spektor. These bands and artists added a new inspiration and energy. I guess that any musical influences make impressions both for writing, live performances and recordings, so yeah I guess our music more evolved than was planned.

Your second album Send me to the Lions, was recorded in a bomb shelter in the basement of a parking house. With producer Daniel Kärn.

Can you tell us a little about your recording with Dan? Must have been a different experience recording under ground!

Though the first album also was recorded in a basement, it was different for sure! An old bomb shelter, in the basement of a parking house in a not-too-nice suburban area south of Stockholm . But recording music is often an awkward experience. You lock the doors, you turn off your phone, you have too much coffee, maybe do some on-the-spot rewriting if needed, start recording, and you wait… After working on ours, when coming out of the bubble, trying to realize the world outside, you hope you created something real, but it feels more surreal than real… Later when you listen you realize it hopefully was something good that you created together. Working with Daniel Kärn from ”Like Torches” has been essential for the making of both albums and also a lot of fun. We appreciate his work a lot.

You have guest musicians to enhance your gigs, like a trumpet player, does this happen often?

Daniel Angebrand on trumpet joined us for the recording sessions and on live gigs when possible. It´s great to have him with us. That instrument has a “spicy” effect and makes the songs richer.

Do you have any gigs/tours coming up to promote your new album?

We play a kick-off gig in Stockholm March 28, then go to Slovakia on a 10-days tour in April. And looking forward to more!

 TheVH2 cover art on the album is amazing, who designed that?

A friend of ours, amazing designer Bruce Heens designed it. Great pleasure.

In regards to your writing process is it a whole band process or is it an individual process? It is basically me and Freddie the bass player, who is also my son, but ofc the whole band is more or less involved in the arrangements, the recording sessions and the production process.

 I watched the video of you rehearsing your Green Day cover, have you played this live? I love how you made it your own. Do you often play covers in a live show?

Haha that was just a rough take from a rehearsal! We sometimes do a cover of ”Get Me Right” by Dashboard Confessional and ”Paper Walls” by Yellowcard but mainly focus on our own material.

Can you tell us some of the highlights so far for Vildirheart? 

Hearing our song being presented in Swedish National Radio P3 was a thrill! Swedish rock legend Staffan Hellstrand, who we supported live on our local cultural center giving us a real good description of our music saying, ”VildirHeart play music full of harsh beauty with a friction that rubs you up the right way to create the sweetest sensation.”

I guess the best is ahead us, now we hope to sign a record deal soon with a small newly-started label here in Sweden, XJT Music, so we are excited. Getting ourselves in front of audiences and having our fan-base growing are our main goals for 2015. Thanks a lot, Jen! We would love to be in touch with you guys in Australia! Seems like you really are true music lovers!

Thanks Karin, I wish you all the best for your future.

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