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Australian Hardcore band Worldlines Old Beginnings / New Endings EP review by Sibbo.

Old Beginnings / New Endings is the debut EP by Australian hardcore band Worldlines. The Queensland rockers make a blistering first impression with their bass-heavy lead-in to the opening track, Promises. Already the drummer and strings show beyond doubt that they’re a tight unit and as the opening track heats up, ambient backings underneath their pounding rhythms bring subtle hints of fellow Aussie rockers The Amity Affliction to mind. However, they are no imitation; they create their own fresh spin on a fast-growing Aussie genre. The second track Inhibitions rocks along, continuing their watertight barrage of metalcore meets progressive goodness.

Key to Consolation starts out with a serpentine guitar lick that beautifully gets backed up by a pounding bass; it’s a much more sombre track, but it retains every ounce of punch that makes this album special. Under the thundering of the chorus our eyes are the key to infinity, the guitars almost seem to strobe, producing a tastefully melodic sound that kicks your teeth out whilst providing some beautiful melodicism. Gaps between stabbing rhythm allows you just enough time to refill your lungs before the next blast makes you exhale with as much force as their sonic barrage.

The title track is up next, and Benjamin Noble showcases his crushing (both sonically and lyrically) vocals over more of the strangely smooth yet smashing wall of sound provided by Shaun O’Brien and Douglas King guitars, Dominic Gill on bass and Mitch Jensen-Holm behind the drums. This song had me hooked from the jarring first throes right through to the haunting outro. Again, whilst remaining true to themselves with a distinct and defined sound, they show hints of more established bands’ flavours such as TesseracT. This does not detract from their individuality, rather it speaks volumes about the potential they have moving ahead.

If any criticism can be made of this record, it’s that they define their sound as an ensemble so well, but this consistency in their sound can lend itself to making individual songs hard to distinguish. That said, when they sound as damn good as they do, this is sure to not faze most listeners.

Worldlines leave no doubt in listeners’ minds to their potential with the EP closing solidly with Dead Space. This track bounces along with all the flavour the guitarists can muster complimenting the unstoppable bass groove, which builds up to a searing climax, quenched at last in soothing piano notes.


The EP as a whole flows so well between jarring metal passages, eerie ambience and semi-prog moments; it is plain to see these boys from Brisbane have poured their musical creativity and passion, as well as a bagful of personality into this work. For anyone who enjoys the Bondi-soaked hardcore sounds of Parkway Drive and The Amity Affliction, Worldlines are most definitely worth a listen. Expect big things.

Written by Jordan Sibberas (Sibbo)

Music Journalist

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