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Jen catches up With Luke from Awaken am I after their Australian Tour with Emarosa.

I headed into town to see Emarosa after interviewing Bradley their new Vocalist. Much to my pleasure their Support Band Awaken am I were on point with their set. A perfect fit for a supporting act for a band like Emarosa.

Written by Jen Photo Credit to Harley Folbigg

Thanks Luke for a chat after your tour with Emarosa, You just finished touring with them all around Australia, are you now enjoying a well-earned break?

It has definitely  been good sleeping back in our own beds and having home cooked meals again. But after a couple of weeks of being back and recovering we are always itching to get back out on tour.

What was it like touring with a band that had come back from a 5 year break with a new lead singer?

Watching the guys live you’d think they never skipped a beat, for a band that has such a long hiatus and a new frontman they have such a huge live show. I think this tour was great in getting them back into Australian fans ears and I am excited to see them come back and tour again.

Were Emarosa an influence on you as a band?

 Their self titled album was definitely a huge influence of mine. They are amazing musicians and their music and musicianship really inspires us, we even came off the tour feeling inspired and fresh to start writing our new album.

I interviewed Bradley prior to the Tour, and met him on tour and I found him to be a great guy and super photogenic and he memorised me through the lens of my camera, how did you find him fitting in with Emarosa?

Bradley really fits in great, he does a great job as the new front man for the band but when you watch those guys interact night after night you can really see how he is part of the family.

 I enjoyed your set while waiting for Emarosa and thought that you were a great support choice for them, how did that come about for you?

Our good friend Andrew from Taperjean gave us the opportunity and we were really excited to be a part of it. It’s not very often we have an opportunity to tour Australia with a band that complements our sound so well.

This might be hard to say but did you have a fav show of the tour?

Sydney was personally my favourite. It was a great turn out and we found that we were really well received which was great.

Any amusing stories you have that you can share? 

Halfway between Sydney and Adelaide on our way down we almost ran out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, an area which could only be described as a Wolf Creek type scene. Needless to say we had never been more excited to find a petrol station before in our life.

 What news do you now have to share with us? What’s next for Awaken am I? 

We plan to spend as much of the next 6 months on tour as possible before going into hibernation to write a new record. We also have an international tour on our books this year but for now we have to keep those under wraps.

Thanks Luke, I look forward to hearing more great things from Awaken Am I!

Like them on facebook here

Watch their new single Exposure.


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