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Jordan interviews Bonnie from Stand Atlantic.

Recently I caught up with Bonnie Fraser, vocalist of the exciting new Australian pop punk band Stand Atlantic, to talk about their new EP Release, A Place Apart.

A Place Apart¸ Stand Atlantic’s debut EP was released in April of 2015. It’s a dynamic album that heaps passion and musicality onto a sweet foundation of pop punk sensibility. Stand Atlantic makes use of Arthur Taak’s technical guitar work and Bonnie Fraser’s vocals and rhythm guitars, backed up by Jonno Pannici on drums and David Potter on Bass Guitar to create a sound that is distinctively pop punk, but one that is refreshingly energetic and unique. For me, the highlight of this album is Bonnie’s ability to convincingly convey her passion through her lyrics and delivery, and the punchy, dynamic music. With tracks such as Tonight We Stay being both passionate and straight out fun to listen to, A Place Apart is definitely worth a listen to. Stay tuned for more from these guys, they’re destined for great things in the future!


Jordan: Being a debut release, could you give us some idea of how you found the song writing and recording process for the first time?

Bonnie: The writing & recording process for this EP was great but a little bit different. We’ve written and recorded in the past, so it wasn’t exactly unfamiliar, but a chunk of the writing was done while in the studio – which was new for us. Working with Rohan Kumar is awesome, he’s great for bouncing ideas around and having a relaxed environment to write in. Pretty much the whole of ‘Wasteland’ was written in a couple of hours while in the studio. Definitely not what we were used to, but having the pressure of time and having to think of parts quickly actually worked out better than I thought it would. Probably because you don’t have time to second guess your parts so you just go with it haha. Was definitely a positive experience for all of us I’d say.

J: Your EP has some very talented musicianship; it was a pleasure to listen to the way it captured different moods really well. Was it a team effort or is a particular member of the band more musically minded with the compositions?

B: Oh thank you so much! We definitely try to focus a lot on dynamics and keeping things interesting, so I’m stoked you noticed! haha. It’s definitely a team effort, we all put our two cents in every song. Potter & Arthur have pretty intensive music theory knowledge which helps a lot when it comes to writing!

J: One part of your album I really enjoyed was the sincerity of the lyrics and the way they were delivered. Did you have a theme or central idea in mind when you wrote this EP? If so what inspired you to sing about it?

B: Why thank you! I didn’t particularly have a central theme for this EP, each song is about separate situations or feelings – although some are about the same person haha. I usually write about whatever I am feeling at the time or things that have happened to myself or people close to me that I get emotionally connected to, so I’m glad you found them sincere!

J: How has your experience with the Australian music scene? How are the fans like and are there any bands you particularly enjoy playing with?

 B: I’d say pretty good, it’s quite small though so it can be hard to branch out. Haha our ‘fans’ are so sweet! We love meeting people who enjoy our music, it means so much that other people can connect to something you’ve written (said every band member ever – But its true!). Sometimes they’ll bring us treats at shows – which they so don’t have to do, but it’s lovely of them haha. We love playing shows with our friends in other bands, like our faves in Undercast & Rooftops. Always a fun time!

J: Where next for the band? Any plans for the future?

B: Definitely! Hopefully another tour or two, new music & more shows, but nothing to reveal just yet 😉

J: If you had to pick a favourite song off A Place Apart, what would it be?

B: Personally, and collectively as a band I’d say Paper Skin just because it took ages for it to come together as a whole and we worked so hard on it, and lyrically I’m very proud of it.

J: Thankyou so much for your time! If you have anything else you want to add, please feel free to! All the best for the future, hope to hear more from you guys soon!

B: Thank YOU for having us! Just wanna say thanks so much to everyone who does anything to support us, still blows my mind that people care about our band haha. And if you don’t know who we are, you can check us out on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube etc etc @StandAtlantic.

Watch their Wasteland music video here

Written and Interview by Jordan (Sibbo)

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