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Ryan Hamilton’s Hell Of A Day Review.

Ryan Hamilton from People On Vacation has released his debut solo album called ‘Hell of a Day’ Ryan ran a Pledge Campaign that I was part of. There is some satisfaction being involved in decisions about the album and I was really happy for him how his album turned out.

Ryan has an infectious positivity about him that when discussing the album and giving it a listen he always makes me smile. However Ryan opened up and shared his personal battles with depression that hauntingly similar to mine. Ryan openness to share his story when most of the world still wants to keep emotional illnesses a secret is refreshing.

This album is pure genius. Each song is catchy, relatable and just so damn good.

hellFrom a song that explores how people always want a life different from what they have (Freak Flag) to a couple being stuck in a rut and working out that love is something you do rather than what you say. (4 Letter Verb) His songs are so relatable that some of them could have been written for me. Especially ‘Be Kind Rewind’ We all go through times when we don’t treat the people we love in our lives kindly so this is a reminder to be happy that we have people that we love and we should treat them well. If you have ever had a person and felt that frustration of people not returning your emails then you will love Respond To My Email (You Bitch) There is even a song that could become a new couples song, a very cute song displaying your love for someone. (I Love You A Lot) If you can’t relate to any of the song mentioned above then there is still more to connect with!

Do you self a favour and preorder ‘Hell Of A Day’ here and received a digital download of Karaoke with No Crowd.

Keep a look out for when Ryan and I can make some time in both our busy schedules for a chat about this album. You can connect with him on facebook here

You can watch Karaoke with No Crowd here

Written by Jen Rees

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