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Jen has the chance to interview Bryce Soderberg from Lifehouse about their new album and their upcoming Australian tour.

  1. With over 15 million albums sold, American alternative rockers Lifehouse have been making waves all over the globe. From their debut single “Hanging by a Moment”, and with hits such as “You and Me”, “First Time”, “Broken” and “Whatever it Takes”, LIFEHOUSE have continued to astound audiences; and now for their first ever string of headline shows LIFEHOUSE are coming to Australia and New Zealand in support of their recently released 8th album “Out of the Wasteland”. All signs point towards this being one of the tours that you cannot miss.

Hi Bryce, how are you?
I am great, I’m having a fantastic day, thank you for asking. Have you had a few interviews so far?
Yes I have some so I am warmed up!
Recently you have announced an Australian tour for October, I am really looking forward to that. Why has it been 13 years since the band have been here? We have missed you!
There wasn’t a particular reason we just were focusing on our foundation in the US to try and build and get to a certain level and we had an opportunity a couple of years ago to go to Australia for festival but for some reason that fell through. We have a European tour lined up and we really wanted to get to Australia and Brazil, Australia being first on our list for that and we finally made it happen so we are really excited to get down there and play for our fans.
You personally have you been to Australia? Because you were not with the band when they came to Australia were you?
Yeah I went to Australia a couple of years ago, I was touring with a band that toured down there and I got to see a lot of the countryside.
When you joined the band in 2004 did you expect to be still living the dream in 2015?

If I are finally going to look sleek and Gatwick are shooting all the UN have another one now very short and I askedI always saw longevity with this band, I knew was a pretty fantastic career choice. We were able to build the catalogue and make new fans and have fun doing it, I thought well going to take a longer break on this hiatus but I’m really glad that we’re back and keep the momentum going and I’m grateful for it.
I was going to ask about personal projects on the hiatus, your personal project was KOMOX, can you tell us a little about this project?

We took the two week break because we’ve been touring after 13 years we were all just a little bit burnt out and we want to give our creative side of our brain a little rest to explore different options. I started my side project KOMOX, I made two EP’s that are going to be coming out the end of this year and when Jason called us this September he mentioned that he had a bunch of songs that he thought would be better as Lifehouse songs so we got back in the studio and before we knew it we were back at it and I’m definitely glad that we had that break as we each had something new to bring to the table creatively.
I took a listen to a few of KOMOX’s songs and I really liked Love Raining Gold.
Thank you so much I really appreciate that!
So back to Lifehouse….
‘Out Of The Wasteland’ is said to be a culmination of the bands life’s work and a new chapter would you agree with that?

I have another person asked that question today and it is pretty accurate to say that it is a culmination as it definitely has different flavours of each area of our career, of each record and I think we just want to raise the bar as high as we could ourselves and we are really proud of it, I think is very accurate to assess that it is a culmination of our band lives work. I was reading your Facebook page comments on the new album and they are super positive. So great job!
Absolutely! Is it true that you were going to call the album Seven? If so why did you make the change to Out of the Wasteland?
We were going to call it seven then we thought it be too close to the movie. So we wanted to rename it something that made sense for us that shows that it was a rebirth for the band so Out of the Wasteland made more sense. I agree.

LIFEHOUSE_OOTW_Cover_Final-1050x1050For your album cover design you ran a competition through Creative Allies, and although you made
changes to the design, how difficult was it for you to chose the winner?

It was a little difficult because they all thought that our album title was going to be Seven. So to be fair it was a little unfair for some of the people because a lot of them are designed it around it being called Seven. we picked one that was a really cool design and conformed it to be the artwork for the album, not the cover Per se but the artwork. It really fits with the style of the record and my glad we ran that contest. Next time we will decide on the title before we run a contest!

At the start of Hurricane, the guitar riff sounds similar to me like the guitar riff of Hanging By A Moment, was this intentional?
Yes we actually used the guitar that we played in Hanging by a Moment to recreate that sound. We wanted to encapsulate the flavors that we did on our earlier record. So Hurricane was one of those songs that had a similar kind of feel to Hanging by a Moment. So yes that was deliberate.

Hurricane is def my fav song off the album but I really connect and relate to the song Alien. I think many people will as well. It gets stuck in my head but in a good way Let it go way!  (Laughing)
Is there a song that you connect to the most of the album? Yes, I think Flight is my favorite song off the new record. Every time I listen to it I get the chills and I think that if anyone goes through any conflict in their life as we all do, can relate to it. (sound inaudible due to Bryce being at a train Station and the sound of a train going past.)

Can we expect some really cool music videos like Half Way Gone for the songs on Out of the Wasteland?

I hope so. It’s funny that you saying it was cool as when we were making it we thought that was really dorky and now we look at it and think yeah it was a really cool video. We are happy that we did what we did. I think it would be really great to keep that going. We need to keep the video eye-catching as it is going to be watched on you tube rather than MTV.

One comment that I have seen about your concerts is “Lifehouse live shows are genuine and moving” I can clearly hear how genuine your lyrics are, why do you think that your shows are so moving?

I think that shows a really diverse. We have an audience of all ages and all kind of people. Some people are attracted to the band because of the radio hits, and some people are attracted to our ballads or our romantic songs. We have diversity in our show which makes for great entertainment. We like to keep it high-energy and raise the bar and express ourselves in the best way that we can. we pride ourselves on our show because it is very organic we use little tracks, we all play our own instruments and we all sing the harmonies.

When you are in Australia are you having some time off to relax or is it a quick visit, playing the gigs and move on?
I think we have a pretty tight schedule we have six shows, we definitely want to do some sightseeing and we have time down there. I have never been to Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide so I’m really excited to explore and meet a lot of people.

Do you run or your own social media?

I personally do run all of our social media yes.

Iflifehouse you get any negative feedback how do you cope with that?
We generally have very positive fans but last summer a tour that we were going on got cancelled that was out of our control, the singer of Nickelback needed an operation so the whole tour was cancelled. We were bummed about that just as much as our fans in that aspect and people are pretty well rounded and know that we
are normal people and we don’t get as many haters as you would think. If we do we welcome it and we have a laugh about it.

Thanks for your time Bryce, I better go, time is up!
Thank you very much for the interview!
Have a good day or night I should say.
Thanks have a good one.

Interview written by Jen and Shona O’Brien


Tickets on sale now from:


October 11, 2015 – Metro City, Perth, Australia

October 13, 2015 – The Gov, Adelaide, Australia

October 14, 2015 – Tivoli, Brisbane, Australia

October 15, 2015 – Forum Theatre, Melbourne, Australia

October 16, 2015 – Big Top (Luna Park), Sydney, Australia

October 19, 2015 – Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall, New Zealand

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