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Jen catches up with Loren Kate after the release of her EP ‘Til The Night Meets The Sun’

Off the back of her impressive Telstra Road to Discovery win last year, Loren Kate presents her new single,  (out September 7) and EP, Til The Night Meets The Sun, set for release on October 9.  Loren will be celebrating with a recording trip and a few gigs in Nashville in September, before returning home for a national tour kicking off at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Thebarton on October 9, swinging through Melbourne, Bunbury, Fremantle, Maldon, Adelaide, Bellingen and finishing up at the Mullum Music Fest in Mullumbimby on Nov 21 and 22.

First single, When You Leave is an exquisitely heartfelt folk country tune with a warm Australiana feel.  Written for Loren’s ex-partner who passed away two years ago, the generous and beautifully intimate storytelling invites us in to Loren’s life and in just four minutes portrays a genuine sense of the pain and loss, and the depth of friendship and love shared between the two.  “He was a dear friend and a big teacher in my life,” says Loren.  “On the way to the hospital to say my last goodbye, this song started writing itself.  I was trying to find the words to say, but what can you say to someone who’s about to pass away?  I just wanted him to feel my love, and take it with him.” 

 Explaining the interesting way in which the video clip came about, Loren says, “I happen to live in this amazing ‘Arts Eco Village’ in South Australia.  The village has so many talented people including photographer and film maker, Emily McAllen who filmed the clip.  The animation was put together by a good friend called Kevin Chan, he lives 3 doors up.  I love working at grassroots level with people just starting out, people with a huge passion for artistic expression.  Both Kevin and Emily really understand me and can feel what I’m trying to achieve, so it was easy to bounce ideas and create the clip.” A gorgeously emotive EP, rich with storytelling folk tunes, Til Night Meets The Sun was written over two years and tells intimate tales of Loren’s childhood, the relationship between her mother and father, losing an ex-partner “and the anxiety and strength that came with turning thirty,” Loren explains.  “I wasn’t planning to make a new record, I was actually planning to have a baby of the human variety, and then I won the Telstra Road to discovery and decided to do both!”  The EP was recorded between The Music Cellar and Studio Goonga (Glen Hannah’s home studio) and producedby Glen Hannah (Felicity Urquhart, Chasing Bailey, Kim Cheshire), mixed and mastered by Jeff McCormack (Kasey Chambers, Shane Nicholson).

 After winning Telstra Road to Discovery last year, Loren beams, “The moment they announced my name I felt this sense of relief, like all of the sudden there were more possibilities and opportunities. Sometimes as an independent musician I feel like I’m carrying huge rocks up massive mountains.  Winning the Telstra Road to Discovery meant I had a team of people, a year of mentoring and the funding to move those rocks more efficiently.”

When Loren called me she was on her lunch break on a boot camp at the studios. She had her baby son with her so was juggling between family life and work and as a mum myself I could understand. Her son was very well behaved as we chatted.

Thanks for your time Loren, I know you are busy. When I was first writing these questions, I was linking every song of yours back to my life.  You have an amazing gift!

Thank you so much! That is cool!

Do you come from a musical family?

My dad played when I was young but he was not around much. When we did visit him there was always a guitar nearby. I guessed that kind of influenced me. We always listened to great music like my mum listen to The Carpenters and Joni Mitchell and my dad listened to Leonard Cohen and Rodrigues so the music that I was influenced by was pretty groovy and I loved the top 40 as a child growing up and I did my hair brush signing the mirror (both laughing) It wasn’t until I left high school that I started playing. It wasn’t the path that I thought I would be taking.  when I was old enough to make my own decisions to see my dad I guess he was my inspiration as we started playing together, three years before he passed away.  He was into listening to folk music and he was a real storyteller.

A belated congrats on winning last years Telstra Road to Discovery.

Thank you

Was it a dream come true for you to go to Nashville?

Yes it was, it was a big eye-opener. There are so many people trying to make it in Nashville, there are a lot of musical people everywhere and it was a bit overwhelming. There were a lot of people that would approach me and say ‘I could do a lot for you’  but that was never going to happen!.

You come from a small isolated town don’t you?

Well not so much isolated but when I was growing up it was a little country town but it is quite big now. We lived on a property with horses.

So  Nashville would of been a little bit different for you.

Yes Nashville is a concrete jungle!

Really that is not my perception of Nashville!

Well there were trees around but I did not want to take my shoes of very much.

How much performing did you do?

We play two shows. One and the Blue Bird and one at The Blue Bar.

You co wrote a song with Kim Richey, she lives in Nashville doesn’t she?  I saw that she is doing a pretty big US tour atm. Have you kept in touch with her?

I have not atm but she played on a airplane the other day. She write a couple of songs for the TV show Nashville and they did this spontaneous in-flight entertainment. She is going really well and it is great that her songs are getting out there. She is an  amazing singer and an amazing woman to work with.  She just dragged the song out of me.  (both laughing). She did this with little effort.

Has the airline found your guitar yet?

Yes!  It just decided to take a different flight back to Australia!

( both laughing)

Any other highlights on the trip?

Definitely, I went into a recording studio for the day and worked with a producer in Nashville, that was pretty awesome to see how it is done in Nashville, how fast the session is well.

First show on your tour on Saturday night in Adelaide. How did the crowd receive your music?

Beautifully, you could have heard a pin drop in there.  Yeah it was a beautiful crowd and I just love that. That is my favorite bit of the whole package, playing to people. I played at The Toff last night and it was just gorgeous. It was so lovely, a beautiful crowd, a beautiful sound. It really set the scene to tell your stories and to do that and have one lady bawling her eyes out saying “I just can relate to all of your songs!” It was so nice.Loren Kate

That is funny as the first time I heard your single “When You Leave” was in the car, to prepare for this interview earlier last week.  I had to pull over as I had so many tears in my eyes.

The lyrics are spot on for someone who is losing someone close to them and they are losing them too soon. Only someone that has lost someone would completely  understand. The chorus gets me every time I listen to it.

Was that song therapeutic for you to write? To grieve for your friend?

Yes and it sort of just came out and I did not sit down and say I am going to write a song, it just came out like it was therapy. It was one way that I was able to deal with it. By singing about it I am honoring what it was.

Does it feel satisfying for you to write a song that can make a situation for so many people that are saying good bye to someone that is leaving this world too early, easier for want of a better word?

Absolutely, that’s what I want people to get out of my life shows and my music, I feel when I’m at my show that I have permission to open the bag on any topic. To be able to talk about it and share stories and I feel like we need to share more stories. We all go to these things  and put on a hard face and we shouldn’t have to do that all time.

Was ‘Silver and gold’ written from personal experience? I interview so many artists that can release their childhood pain through music.

Yes, There is not a lie in that song.

That song really touched me as well.

‘This heart of mine’ could be written for me, with my second husband. I was happy but petrified to enter another relationship, and there was so many times that I put thoughts in my head of the things that he was thinking. However he was not and I was sabotaging the relationship.  Is that why you wrote it?

I actually wrote it as my partner and I went through a really hard patch and I was at that point of do I leave?  Do I run from this? or do I stick it out and I chose to stick it out.

( we have a minute where Loren’s son has a little cry and she sings to him)

What a lucky baby to have you to sing to him!  (Both laughing)

So we had been together for 6 years. My dad had been married 5 times so I did not see my parents have a relationship past 6 years and I got to this point and I subconsciously not realising because I’ve never seen a relationship go past six years so I had a little bit of a freak out and a little bit of a breakdown and I sort of learnt from my dad, don’t invest wholeheartedly, be wary and keep your walls up. My mum had walls as well and I think that we learn from the people that go before us. I wanted to break the cycle because I thought this isn’t me and I want to stick this out and yeah, it is just about working through a relationship. The beauty of it is that people will interpret this song in so many different ways and no matter how they interpreted, it is how they see it and how they need to see it. Some people thought that I had an affair if they hadn’t seen the film clip, they just listen to the song and thought I had an affair.

Can you tell me a little about what you are doing today on boot camp?

Today is a rehearsal for the semi-final that happens today and so I get to rehearse with the house band for a couple of songs that I get to play tomorrow night, while the judges decide who is going through to the grand final. So I have sort of become a mentor for this year’s program. I have been working with all of them for last three days.

So you go from Winner to mentor in one year?

Yeah. It is really cool.

You are a mother of two, when I had kids the age of yours I found it hard to juggle everything, how do you?

I don’t know. I am just hanging in there actually. The last two or three days are probably the most intense days that we have had so far. It was hard to be away from my five month-year-old for three days but now will get easier. I don’t know how I’m doing it but I am doing it, I have a very supportive partner and that helps. We live in an amazing art eco village and we have really great friends and my kids see them all time so our friends are like their auntie’s and uncles. It really helps, they look after our kids when we need them to. I feel like I’m a walking zombie and I am just pushing through in the hope that my son can be like my daughter and she came out of this. 

It does get easier, my teenagers are great now and I can get some sleep! Loren and I talk as mothers for a while all about our kids.

Best of luck with the rest of the tour and boot camp and of course for the success of your EP.

Awesome thanks so much Jen.

Thanks for your time Loren.

Tickets to the national tour are on sale now

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