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The Maine wrapped up their three show Australian tour last night in Melbourne in a super packed show. Australia has always loved and supported The Maine and in this tour demonstrated that for sure. You can purchase their new album here.

Hi, I really liked watching you guys try our candy (lollies) in preparation for your tour down here. I hope you try some other types down here as there are better lollies that that. My fav is a lollie called Mates, now that is Australian! Was there any of the candy you tried that you really liked or hated?

PAT- We have not had any candy so far on the trip but we will have to change that! 

Try some different flavours of Lifesavers as the Musk ones are yuk!

 This tour down here to Australia wass only three shows, are you having some time to see some sights before you head back to the US?

PAT- This trip is really short so mostly just have time to fly from show to show and play. We have had a chance to visit more of the touristy stuff on the past tours. We really love being over here and by now we feel really comfortable here everything is just really easy and fun!1

You state on your website that you will be dusting off some old tunes for your tour, can you let us know a few?

 PAT- We are playing a song called “Everything I Ask For” that we retired before we came to Australia for the first time and are bringing it back now! It has been great finally doing a headlining tour and being able to play a long set with songs from every album! 

 Sweet! You postponed your Jakarta show, for personal reasons, were the fans understanding of this? 

PAT- This is such a hard topic to talk about because we feel so horrible having to cancel any show ever. The only time we will do that is if it something that is out of our control or if it is a family issue. We are gone for so many of the things that go on at home that when something major happens we feel like it is important for us to be home for our families. I think people were as understanding as they could be and I totally get why some fans were upset. They saved up money and planned for so long to go to a show and then we are not there. I would be so upset but I would just want them to know that it was a very hard choice to make and we only made it because we felt it was that important. 

As a band how are you feeling about what happened in Paris? Do you feel safe now performing?

 PAT- This is such a tricky question because there are not words to express how horrible what happened was. As far as me feeling safe performing I don’t think you can let something like that ruin how amazing going to a concert is. You have no choice but to keep doing the things you love. 

1Your new album American Candy seems to be not as dark as Forever  Halloween. Fans seem to like that American Candy is more like your earlier music. Was that planned? 

 PAT- We knew we wanted to make a fun record that would make people want to dance and have a good time. We didn’t put any time into comparing it to previous music we have made but we are just beyond excited by how people have reacted to the songs! 

I really connected with Another Night on Mars and Same Suit and Different Tie, is there one song that you connect to the most on American Candy?

PAT- Another Night On Mars kind of sums up the past 9 years of my life being in this band so that one really hits home. We have met so many amazing people because of music. I love that everyone can create their own memories and meanings for the songs we write. 

 Can you explain why you made the decision to part ways with your label prior to your 3rd album?

PAT- We made the album without them knowing and then when they heard it they didn’t think it was the right album for us to make. We knew we needed our fans to hear it so we just fought until that could happen and it ended up being that is not being on the label was the only way we could do that.  

With your recording of Forever Halloween you used analog tapes, this did lead to a great sound. Was your new album American Candy done the same way or did you go back to using a computer?

PAT- American Candy was recorded on Pro Tools but we took a lot of what we learned from recording live and used that. All of the gear we used on this album is ours so we were really able to use the studio as an instrument and not be afraid to touch things which is usually how you feel while working in someone else’s studio. It was so freeing to be able to work in an environment that felt comfortable for once. 

 With the first song on the Album Forever Halloween, Take What You Carry there was some tension between the band about how the song was going to sound. Does this happen with other songs and do you think that it actually makes the sound of the song better than if there was no tension?

PAT- There is always going to be some compromise when you get 6 people trying to agree on the way something should sound. We are used to working with each other so much now that it is never an issue. Whatever everyone feels is the best for the song or album we run with. 

Who does your artwork for your albums? I really like all your covers, is it hard to decide what artwork you will use?

PAT- John usually has an idea for the album name and art before we step foot in the studio. We work with our friend and photographer Dirk Mai for all the album covers and we really trust him and he sees our vision.  

As you have been in this industry for a while now, what do you think has changed the most about touring?

PAT- For us not very much we still just have a big group of friends out on the road having s good time and trying to put on the best shows possible. For us the most important thing is trying to make each show and tour different from the next. We are way more concerned with putting on a cool experience for our fans than throwing a bunch of bands on the bill that can sell tickets. 

 Do you have any routines prior to a show? Other than Sound Check?

PAT- We chant “We Like To Party” 8 times then go play music…  

 I hope you had a great time on your Australian tour and enjoy the great Aussie crowds. Thanks for your time Pat 

Thanks so much for taking the time to ask questions!!!!!! 

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