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Oscar from Holy Holy chat about 2015 and their upcoming Australian Tour.

Holy Holy is fronted by the songwriting team, vocalist/composer Timothy Carroll and guitarist/composer Oscar Dawson. They are joined on the road by permanent drummer Ryan Strathie, Graham Ritchie & their producer Matt Redlich on keys.

Earlier today on my holidays (never really a holiday!) I had the chance to have a chat with Oscar from Holy Holy. Not only was he a super nice guy but we also found we had a fair bit in common. That led to a super long interview as we found a lot to talk about. Oscar and Tim saw the New Year in after their set at Falls Festival. Oscar described Falls as hot, dry and dusty and we discussed the difference that must have been from Splendour in the Grass (or mud). He asked me if I remembered that day (New Years Eve) as it was shocker of a hot day. I admitted I was glad to be at a friends place under an air conditioner. Oscar commended Falls Festival with their change of venue and said he enjoyed seeing the New Year in down there even with the dust and heat.

I asked Oscar if he had the chance to reflect on 2015 and how great a year it was for Holy Holy. Oscar replied with a very detailed answer “I am not really good at doing that as when I think about the past I get depressed. Other wise I am always thinking about the future and getting anxious about that. You know how Optimistic people are future positive and Pessimistic are future negative? People either look at their lives through the future or the past, the happiest people are just living in the now. I am either looking at the past and thinking about what I fucked up and then looking into the future and thinking what I might fuck up! Which is awful really but I am looking at the future and the now and looking at what new stuff we are going to do, like new songs and we have been doing some writing so that tends to suck up most of my time really. It was a cool year last year, there was so stuff that I never thought that we would do and that was pretty special.

I then made Oscar really think about the next two questions, the highlight and the low light of 2015 for Holy Holy. He settled on the Australian tour as the highlight due to the sold out crowds, the vibe in the room and that the band played consistently. He added the Europe trip and the sold out show in London. He summed that up by saying that it is the special connection with the crowds that he likes the best. The low light was really hard for him to answer, but finally he said that he could rustle one up for me and that it was at the end of the European run we just crammed into this van and he was sitting up the front 3 abreast and his back was screwed and we had not slept at all and maybe at that point, the last drive up to Manchester and back, he thought to himself “why am I here” I am sure that Oscar has now thought of more low lights but that was a good example of how uncomfortable touring can be.

A question I often ask bands that tour constantly and release music and seem to be always working on either writing and recording while not on tour is whether or not they actually get time off. Holy Holy announced their January tour recently and when I conducted some research into what exactly they did last year I was surprised to hear that they had another tour coming up. (no complaints from me though!) I jokingly suggested that maybe they took one day off. Oscar replied by saying an hour every now and then. All jokes aside Oscar did take a week and get away from the computer and headed up north for a break. He explained that not only is he in Holy Holy, he has other jobs and various different projects and not to mention earning a living as well. So I guess that Christmas really is the only time that he actually took a break. Busy times ahead for him as rehearsing for the Aussie tour will take place. He states “In a sense the work never ends but it just changes focus is constantly shifting and now the tour will envelop us for the next month or so.”

I checked with Oscar about the support bands for this tour. “Olympia is the main support, I have not actually seen her play live before but she will be great. Also an act called The Franklin Electric from Canada and he has come out for Woodford so we will take him around the country as well.” I think that Oscar is looking forward to seeing them live and has also hinted that there will be some surprises in store for concert attendees.

We chatted about how cool was it when Liam Gallagher came back stage to tell Oscar and Tim that you are one of the best band that he has heard in years. Oscar said it was bizarre and nice.

“We do have a connection with him with our team over there in the UK so we knew that he had heard our music before we went there that was weird enough in it’s own right. Then when we got there in London our manager came back stage and said oh by the way Liam is here. I was like fucking hell, don’t tell me that now! I wish that it was kept a secret until after the show. I ended up getting more drunk than I normally would. We met him briefly after the show. At the same time he was just a normal dude coming to see a gig. We had a quick chat and he was quiet a down to earth moment to be honest.”

We discussed the track called ‘The Constitution’  that was left off the album that would be given to people that purchased a ticket, merch or music prior to the show. It did not make their album due to the constitution of the song but both Tim and Oscar wanted it to be heard. Oscar told me what a challenge it is to not to get bogged down with the nuts and bolts of an album and stay true to the bands genre and style. He feels that bands these days think that they are going to write that one song that is going to take them to stardom. That can be crippling for bands that they would have an abundance of choice. Speaking of writing songs we discussed that Tim won the APRA’s PDA Songwriting award that included a grant and recognition of his talent and hardwork.

Check out their song ‘A Heroine’ here filmed at Howlers in Melbourne.


We moved on to reviews then and I said I loved the review of “Holy Holy are modern, indie DIY travellers who carry dream pop loveliness…..” I thought that was sweet as! I asked him if there was one review that stood out for him. Oscar said “Probably the one that said our song ”You can not call for Love like a Dog” represented the worst excesses of the 1980’s. I remember that one, as you know negative reviews stick out much more than the positive ones. That one I remember as I read it when we were overseas and we were playing in Berlin. I was devastated, I thought omg did you actually listen to the song? Or listen to music in the 80’s? Do you appreciate irony? I guess the reviewer was entilited to their opinion. I do remember thinking that a two minute guitar solo was long but people responded quite well about it.”

I was interested how the song writing session went to Face the Music conference in Melbourne went. He said it great, there was 8 people there and that in fact he felt that it actually was more helpful for Holy Holy as they learnt a lot about themselves.

It was great to interview someone with the same views on racism. I noticed that Holy Holy’s facebook page that they had said that they hid racist comments and used the #fuckracism. I told him that I had deleted racist people on my facebook. We then had a 15 minute conversation about the terror attacks in Paris, and how close it was to him as he had worked with one person that had died in the attack on the Bataclan. I asked Oscar if he felt worried for the future when he will tour Europe. He stated that then the terrorists would of won then. We discussed that it was just as unsafe to drive to and from the airport to fly to Europe. Oscar said it was no way to live a life by being afraid. Fair point!

Thanks for Oscar for his time and for going well over time due to us chatting away as well as him answering my questions.

If you have not already check out Holy Holy and check them out on their Australian Tour this month. Their album ‘When The Storms Would Come’ you can purchase here 





Tickets available from | 1300 GET TIX | All Moshtix Outlets


Tickets available from | 02 4968 3093


Tickets available from | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets


Tickets available from | 1300 GET TIX | All Moshtix Outlets


Tickets available from | 1300 724 867


Tickets available from | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets

“Touring their debut album When The Storms Would Come and selling out shows on both sides of the world, Aussie guitar group Holy Holy could well be the next band to conquer the UK and the northern hemisphere, and be the biggest deal since Kylie Minogue.” The Huffington Post

There are echoes of Neil Young & Midlake in the gentle melodies and songs with seem to connect with ancient truths.” The Sun, 4/5 stars

“A musical tour de force from start to finish…When The Storms Would Come sounds like a career-defining set from an established act rather than an opening statement.” UK Songwriting Magazine, 4/5 stars

Buy:: When The Storms Would Come                View the clip:: A Heroine

Press Release

Holy Holy have announced a national tour for January set to kick off in Sydney at Oxford Art Factory on the 15th, moving through to Newcastle, Perth, Adelaide, The Corner in Melbourne and finishing up at the Triffid in Brisbane on January 30.
And as an added bonus, the band will be giving away a free track to everyone who buys a ticket to one of the shows, an album, or an item of merch between now and the beginning of the A HEROINE tour. The song is called The Constitution and was an original contender for the When The Storms Would Come album.
The home turf tour announce lands hot off the heels of the band’s second European tour where they recently released their critically acclaimed debut album, When The Storms Would Come.  Stunning reviews have been flooding in, including a 4 star review in The Sun calling the record “A special debut… something truly blissful.”

 After attending their sold out London show, The Huffington Post said Holy Holy are “re-awakening their genre in an accurate and sonically spectacular fashion… Holy Holy are modern, indie DIY travellers who carry dream pop loveliness off with the big riffs and solos of a now almost forgotten time with mesmerising aplomb.” Liam Gallagher also came along, and as big fans, the band were incredibly honoured and delighted to meet him after the show.

With an already epic year under their belts, Holy Holy have notched up another bunch of highlights with Oscar Dawson and Tim Carroll announced as the first two people from one band to make the longlist for the prestigious APRA PDA Songwriting Awards, and Tim winning the coveted award last week. Triple j recently added their 6th consecutive song, A Heroine to rotation, the band are on the bill for Falls and Mountain Sounds Festivals over summer, and the album has been announced on the longlist for The AMP (Australian Music Prize).  Add in Holy Holy’s recent extensive, sold-out national album tour of Aus, their killer set at Splendour In The Grass and their two European/UK tours and it’s been a year well worth writing home about.

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