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Great news for Sydney’s own With Confidence!

Pic Credit: Georgia Moloney Photo

With Confidence are about to start their national tour with Neck Deep & STATE CHAMPS. Even more great news for this talented young band is that they have been signed to Hopeless Records.


Josh Brozzesi sums uphow he is feeling about signing to Hopeless Records.

“Today my band With Confidence signed a worldwide record deal withHopeless Records and it’s going to change our lives. It means we will finally have the means to play shows for people overseas and it’s a step closer to me playing in a band full time, two things I have dreamt of doing since I left school.

Back when we first started, we would set up every Saturday and play our favourite riffs in my parents shed. Soon we started writing our own music and soon after that I wrote out a band bucket list. On that list I wrote down that I wanted to to sign to Hopeless, my favourite record label.

Hopeless housed an album called Warpaint by The Dangerous Summer that resonated with me. It’s my favourite album of all time and it made me realise what I wanted to do after I left school. I had felt stuck in-between work and study and not knowing what I was meant to do. Sometimes I still don’t know but this band has always felt like something that has purpose and something that might create some positive change. Today feels surreal and it means so much and I just want to thank everyone that’s been a part of this band. Anyone who has been kind enough to listen to our music and let it into their lives. Thank you. I can’t wait to see what happens from here.”

Watch their music video for ‘We’ll be Okay’here.


You can purchase the single here. Check them out on facebook here


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