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Martika and Jen visit Memory Lane and chat about Totally 80’s Tour!

Get ready for the Best 80s Night Ever! TOTALLY 80’s!

TOTALLY 80’s Stars 7 International 80’s Superstars – MARTIKA, BERLIN, LIMAHL of KAJAGOOGOO, PAUL LEKAKIS, KATRINA (ex KATRINA & THE WAVES), MEN WITHOUT HATS & STACEY Q will be together – live in concert – to perform all of their classic hits. Sharing the stage with them will be 2 of Australia’s own Countdown Favourites WA WA NEE and REAL LIFE!

I interviewed Martika a few days ago to find out how excited she is to come to Australia for Totally 80’s tour.

Whether it was her synth-dance songs or power ballads, there’s no doubting MARTIKA (USA) was a great singer. At TOTALLY 80’s she will perform all of her biggest Australian hits including the #1 smash Love… Thy Will Be Done (written by Prince no less), the almost #1 Toy Soldiers as well as I Feel The Earth Move and Martika’s Kitchen. This will be only the second time MARTIKA has toured Australia, the last time being 1991!

Hi Martika,

Excuse me as I am half asleep!

Oh yes, this is very early in the morning for you!

I have a strong coffee on the go so I should wake up.

Martina, this 80’s tour sounds like a 40 to 50 year old’s dream to return to their youth. I know it will be for me!  I am super stocked that you will be coming here to entertain us.

I know right! it is going to be so much fun we are going to have a great time.

The media pack says that this will be the second time you tour down here in Australia,  I thought that you toured here twice, 89 and 91? Other websites say you never have!


Well I have not been back for about 25 years to Australia.  I have not toured there in concert, when I did visit your country was more like a promotional tour so I didn’t actually do shows but I just did a lot of publicity like Television, radio and press that type of thing.

Yeah so this is my first time in concert in your country and I’m really excited!

Ok glad we cleared that up! The crowds are crazy here! You are going to love it!


How old were you when you started performing?

Technically my very first time on stage when I was like four years old, in my little dance recital in my little tutu! From there I just performed my whole life.  I started to sing where ever I could when I was little girl and so it’s something that I’ve just been doing all my life.

You retired at 22 and took many years off, was there a particular reason for that?

I had been working professionally since I was about 12 and I just felt burnt out but I think I wasn’t quite ready for the pace of being recording artist and traveling and touring on that level. it was just after me. I’m pretty laid back and it was just hard and I don’t know how it is humanly possible to stay on at pace and I just think that I really ready.  People my own age were going off to college and I was going off to promote records and I think I would just rather hang out with my friends and relax a little bit. So that’s what happened I just had a change of heart on what my life should be on a daily basis and it was very hectic, there was a lot of pressure and stress so I just felt like this isn’t very healthy. When do I sleep you know!

That is very mature of you, because people keep going until they were totally burnt out. 

I was living at home with my parents when I was touring and I  just wanted to move out and cut my reigns  and have some freedom. It is kind of different when you’re on the media at that level and you feel like everyone is watching you, when you are still trying to figure out who you are. I needed to grow up, I was a huge voice on a platform and I just felt like is a little bit too much responsibility and it just was very overwhelming. I think that’s what happened to me. I really didn’t plan to retire, life just kind happened and took me in different directions.

My 17 year old daughter has a question for you. What was it like when Eminem used a sample of Toy Soldiers in his song ‘Like Toy Soldiers’

I do hear that at times, a lot of young people ask me what I do and I say “ I do music” and that is always a reference that I use and like immediately grab onto it and say ‘Oh yes! you sang on that song? Wow that is you? “ It is really cool!

  Did he to contact you and ask you whether you can use it?

   Yes, just out of the blue and I was just completely honored that someone could sample. So it was really cool and I really loved it. I really enjoyed the music that Eminem records always. When I heard ‘The real Slim Shady” I knew that it would be cool whatever they wanted to do with. I quite like it actually, is different and it is cool  and I really like that.


Thinking back to the time when Prince wrote ‘Love Thy will be done’ how was it like working with him? Did you actually work with him in the studio?

I didn’t get the chance to work at Paisley Park, they record of the basic tracks there in Minneapolis then I took it from there with a different people and musicians.  I never really saw him, Prince was always on the move. Until  I played it for him and he really loved it. I thought that was really cool. I was a big fan of Prince, it was just so much fun to be in the studio and work on the different vocal parts and things that he had laid out for. it was a great experience and I learned a lot doing it as well.

Thinking back to the 80’s what differences have you found when it comes to being in the Music business?

It is different now because I don’t really get out very often to perform. When an amazing opportunity like this to come to Australia and tour the country and do many shows with other artists, it is really special, it is not like part of my everyday grind. So  I’m just doing my life and going about things. So this is like a real special occasion.  I am planning my wardrobe already which will take a while, but I don’t get to plan a wedding but I get to plan a tour  you know what I mean, it is fun. Also just to be able to travel to a beautiful country. I never really had a chance to get outside Melbourne or Sydney so I’m looking forward to the landscape and the people and soaking up as much of the culture.

You are going to Perth which is great because many bands don’t go there.

Yes which is great.martika3

Perth is just lovely, you can take trips to see dolphins.

That sounds wonderful!

  What are your thoughts on Guns and Roses getting back together?

I’m just so excited! I really hope that Slash and Axel hit the stage together, I’m so excited. I thought it be wonderful if they came together and did some shows. I heard on the radio the other day and I was so excited I just hope that actually does come together because so many things could happen before that. It would be wonderful I think the fans will just be so happy to see that!

We then had a little break talking about dogs as I was still at home and my dogs heard someone outside they barked and scared us both!

Will you play your songs in the original arrangements as the 80’s/90’s?

Yes, that is planned for this particular tour.

You played at Saved by the 80’s & 90’s at Badlands, how did the crowds react to your set? I have seen a few videos.

So yes the show that I have done a lot of them have been a modern take and interpretation of my old songs so you we have some arrangements that we doing dance clubs that are way more house orientated and have a different beat under most of the sets, is a real different take on the material. On this particular tour we are actually going to attempt to recreate the records as closely as possible. So like as you said a retro evening, people who want to revisit their past. People are going to want to hear the songs that they remember in the head and I want maybe hit the notes in the way that they remember them and not different musical approach on it. This will be good for me creatively too as this will be, like I have been singing the material little bit different now from different perspective. Now I can really get  inside the energy where I was out when we actually record of them. My voice and the arrangement and so it is going to be really fun so people can capture those moments, certain things from the videos whether it is movements.  I want people to feel  like they have stepped back in decades. of course is going to be like the way I am now but I’m going to try and bring it back to life as much as possible. So we can all remember before we had mortgages and kids!

(both laughing)

I am hoping that the crowd will actually dress up in 80s fashion.

Oh really that would be fun!  I hope people really wanna do that but I’m not sure how that will work.  You can put a big bow your head, fingerless gloves may be?

Yes and tease out hair up! We we sell these horrible mullet wigs here. We have a lot of parties that are 80s themed parties.

That sounds fun! Mullets for the boys and shoulder pads for the girls!

(both laughing)

Will you do a meet and greet at the Australian shows?

They haven’t told me that, but that is something that I really like to do. Usually there is some form of meet and greet.  I hope there is an opportunity.

So I better let you go as the next caller will trying to get through. I could talk a lot more!

Thanks! I look forward to meeting you when I get there.

I have enjoyed to the chat. thanks Martika!


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