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Jen interviews Josh from Call the Shots to chat about the new line up and new music.

If you are a fan of Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Sum or Blink you will love Call the Shots. They have been around the Australian Pop Punk scene now for a few times, and they are back with a vengeance with a new line up and a new Ep coming out soon. Their new song ‘Fantasy’ is out now.

 I had the pleasure of working with Call the Shots, doing promotion and selling their merch at gigs. I have watched their career closely and I admire Josh’s talent as an allrounder musician. Riley drums with a passion and I was glad that he still had his original passion to keep Call the Shots going when past members left for other careers. With the addition of Harry, Dylan and Michael they have strengthened their line up. One of the best attributes of Call the Shots is their connection with fans, both on social media and in person. This is a pop punk band that has a bright future on the horizon. My proudest moment for this band was Warped Tour ’13 in Sydney and  Melbourne.

Hi Josh, it has been a while since we have caught up, in the early days of Call the Shots when we did a photo shoot and hung out in Melbourne. Time flies!Since then you have had some changes in the lineup with Mikey, Dion and Mitch left and Harry, Dylan and Michael joined. Can you tell us how all the changes came about and how you found the new members?

Great to talk to you again! It has been ages! When the band first lost all its members, Riley and I were unsure of whether the band would be able to continue or not, as much as we wanted it to, we feared that fans wouldn’t think it’s was Call The Shots anymore, and they wouldn’t accept us if we got new members. We were going to call it quits.

One day I was watching some of our old videos of warped tour, and supporting big bands, and being on major radio stations and trending world wide.. When I decided that, everything that Riley and I had worked for, would go to waste if we threw it away.

We decided then, that we wanted to continue Call The Shots and startedlooking for more members. Michael contacted me one day after seeing a vocal cover I put online of the Backstreet boys haha! And we started talking and realised that we liked the same music, it went on from there.

Dylan messaged me after we had already secured Michael, and after decidin gwe would go back to a 5 piece, he jumped on board. It took a couple of months to find a bassist that fit what we needed.

The day we trialled Harry, is the day he joined the band. We were blown away by how he played bass! 

cts3I am looking forward to seeing you live again when you come down to Melbourne on your SLEEP CAN WAIT TOUR 2016 your last show on the Tour. With the new lineup, are your live shows still the energetic and unpredictable stage antics that fans love from Call the Shots?

Of course!

Probably more now than they ever were hahaha! The entire new lineup gets along so well and we have so much fun together.. And you can see it! I’ve never felt more comfortable on stage than I have with these guys! CTS is now a family!

Your new single ‘Fantasy’ even though it has a different sound that your previous work still has the pop punk sound to it.  Even though the sound is different if I had of heard without being told it was you I would of known. Is that something that you were hoping for?


We obviously wanted to try something new, without ditching ‘Call The Shots’.

We are always evolving… We just don’t want to completely disappear from what our fans love us for. We need to keep it ‘Fresh CTS’.

Josh, was the inclusion of strings in ‘Fantasy’ your idea and was this something that was a new concept or has you had that idea in your mind for a while?

When the song was written as a demo, it actually started out as quiet guitar. After we jammed it a few times, we decided it just needed something more and we’ve always been into that ambient, strings and whatever stuff haha. Riley threw together some strings and it fit perfectly! So we stuck with it.


‘Fantasy ‘incorporates people’s insecurities of stepping into a relationship as doing so makes you vulnerable to getting your heart broken. Do you do all the lyrical composition or is it a whole band process?

Everything lyrics wise, is me. And everything I write about is something I’ve felt, thought about, or want to say.

Fantasy is definitely about that.

I think my favourite line in the song would be ‘I want to see if what I’m feeling’s wrong’… Because it was 😉 hahahaha!

The music video for ‘Fantasy’ connects with the song well. During the filming of that did anything go wrong or was it smooth filming?

I think the only thing that went wrong was Mask showing up… And you can see him in the background of the clip during the band singing/acoustic section hahaha.

Apart from that, it was the most enjoyable music video we have ever filmed!

Now a serious question. When is your signature blond hair making a return?

Hahaha! EVERYONE is asking me this!

So many people are against it, including members of Call The Shots, while some people want it back. I kinda like what I have at the moment, but it definitely has crossed my mind a few times 😉  Anything can happen.

Your EP to be released later this year, can you give us a sneaky inside story? What is the sound like, how many songs?

It will hopefully be a lot sooner than everyone thinks!

It’s a 7 track.

With a lot of the songs, people have already heard. But there’s reason for that! But not to worry, there’s definitely some new tracks that we are 100% stoked with! 

Hints: there’s a ‘You’ll Survive PART 2’ that makes you want to mosh your problems away, and a song dedicated to my best friend who passed away late 2013.

It’s definitely the most emotional song, I have ever written.

Josh, I wish you well for the tour and look forward to seeing you again in Melbourne. Been too long since we have caught up. Thanks for your time.

No problems at all! See you soon!


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