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Connor from Whitefall tells Maddie about their debut EP and much more!

Canberran Progressive Metalcore legends WHITEFALL  announced their debut EP ORIGINS’ release date. Friday March 4th will see the five-piece release their first but extremely impressive body of work. The single ‘Causality’ features vocals from Dan Tompkins of the widely-acclaimed TesseracT. Whitefall are a fresh new face and sound on the Australian music scene, having only just made their live debut in November alongside Dream On, Dreamer and Polaris in Canberra. The ‘Origins’ EP speaks volumes of their potential and bright future. The EP is layered, complex, intense and made with absolute passion and precision.

The band recorded with Dax Linerie of Puzzle Factory Sound Studios at Rawgigs Recording Studio in February 2015. The five tracks are a tight, bristling listen – a fiery stab of progressive metalcore. When the opportunity came to include vocals from one of progressive music’s most recognised names, they jumped at the chance.

“Our producer Dax came to me with the idea of getting a guest vocalist in for the track ‘Causality’. He told us he had a line to Dan Tompkins of TesseracT, so we emailed him and shortly after he got back to us saying he was keen to record on the track. It’s a dream come true!” The band will have shows to announce soon. The ‘Origins’ EP will be released online and at shows from Friday March 4th 2016 and will be available at all good online outlets – iTunes, Spotify and more.

Maddie caught up with Connor this week.

First of all, how would you describe Whitefall to a potential fan?

Ummm well I guess we would describe ourselves as “Alternative metalcore” by genre, but in general we would just say its music to move along to.

What made you all decide to become a band?

Becoming a band was actually a super slow process, but overall it came down to everyone sharing a passion for music and wanting to share that with the world.

Now I can’t be the only one who wonders this, but how are singers able to do that ‘screamo’ voice without getting a sore throat? Because that’s a talent in itself!

Haha I get asked this a lot actually. A lot of people, even the pros can screw up their voices. For me it just came down to lots of practice of the correct techniques. I spent a lot of time watching Melissa Cross’s ‘Zen of Screaming’ DvDs and adapted my vocals accordingly, but ultimately I’m always learning.

How was the experience of collaborating with Dan Tompkins of TesseracT for ‘Casualty’ and what does the song mean to you?

Working with Dan was an absolute pleasure. The man is an utter professional and great at what he does. It also gave us this sense that we could actually make it in the industry when we’re working with one of the genre’s best in our first release so that was an amazing feeling.

What can fans expect from your debut EP ‘Origins’?1

Expect some big riffs and brutal breakdowns. We tried to get a good contrast of heavy and melodic parts which we think works quite well, but we’ll let everyone decide for themselves.

Being your debut EP, what was the whole writing and recording experience like?

Writing wasn’t a particularly organised process. The songs are a culmination of songs written over a fairly long period but we’re still stoked with the end product.

Recording was awesome! for that we owe a lot of thanks to our producer Dax Liniere from Puzzle Factory Sound Studios. We recorded the whole EP in just 3 days but every day was productive and fun Dax offered a lot of ideas and gave the music more potential than we thought it could have.

You also had your first headliner show recently, how was it and what are fans missing out on if they haven’t been to a show yet?

That was an awesome gig that we played with our mates from Rumours, Visioner and Panic Burst. We were really able to get loose and just have a great time with some awesome dudes all with a lot of passion for their craft.

What do you think makes Whitefall stand out as a band?

We think that overall our sound is quite unique without losing those things we all love about the genre. We think the mix of sounds that we have sets us apart from some of the other bands around these days.

What’s the ultimate goal for the band to achieve in the future?

I don’t think we really have just one ultimate goal to be honest. We all have our own smaller goals like playing with our favourite band or at our favourite music festival. Overall though i guess i would say the goal is to be able to spread our sounds all over the world.

What’s next for Whitefall after the release of your EP?’

We have a few shows coming up and some more potential ones that we’re hoping we can lock in.

We’re also slowly working on some new material behind the scenes which is coming along quite nicely.
Thanks Connor, we wish you all the best for your future!

written by Maddie. 

Check them out on facebook here.

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