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Sydney prog outfit’ Stare at the Clouds’ are about to release their debut full-length record, an atmospheric, immersive fifty minutes of ecstasy and anguish, highs and lows troughs and peaks. The album is a five year journey for the songwriters from thought to finished product and the proof is in the pudding. Stare at the Clouds are releasing ‘This Clear Divide’ on Friday April 15. Pre-Orders on iTunes are available now, with buyers getting single ‘The Falling’ right now as a free download.

The brainchild of Seb Key, Stare At The Clouds takes inspiration from the likes of Karnivool, A Perfect Circle, Radiohead and Between The Buried And Me – combining melodic polymetric textures, growling low-end, turning rhythms and groove to create a calculated, slow, heavy wash of sound. 

A project that began as a collaboration between Seb and his wife, Cassandra Key on drums, was given new life when joined by Keelan Butterick on vocals and guitar, Evan Jackson on bass and Jacob Grindrod on guitar in 2012.

‘This Clear Divide’ explores a Subject’s response to a trauma. Each track represents a moment, a reaction or an emotional state at certain points throughout the Subject’s internal processing of their anguish. ‘Prelude’ symbolises a sense of calm before the trauma, represented by ‘The Falling’. The tracks grouped under ‘Concurrent Abreaction’ explore the simultaneous emotional reactions and processes, following the Subject’s trauma. ‘Dead Letters’ and ‘Cutting The Ties’ represent a necessary, but miserable, bitter resolution. 1

Songs that had begun as bedroom recordings were crafted and shaped in live rehearsal spaces over 4 years, and were taken to Jungle Studios to be recorded and mixed with Nathan Sheehy between 2013-2015. 

This Clear Divide promises to deliver a powerful first statement from the band – an album that strives to challenge its listeners whilst providing strong melodic foundation and intricately woven musical themes throughout.

Keep an eye out for a chance to catch these brand new Aussie up-and-comers. Tour dates and locations to be announced in the near future.

This Clear Divide can be pre-ordered on iTunes at from today, 8th March.

For more information, go to

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