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Rhys from Pandamic discusses their news with Jen

Rockhampton’s OG steeze rockers Pandamic are set to take things up a notch or 10. The 3-piece crew from Cowtown have today been announced on the Townsville leg of the Groovin’ the Moo Festival tour and they have a badass videoclip to release for their track SCUMBAG.

Hi Rhys, thanks for the chat. I really like your name Pandamic, Even though it can bring up some horrible thoughts of a disease, were you thinking that your music will be live a disease through out the world?

If our music spread like a disease that would be sick (pun intended)

It would! Can you tell us the story of you guys coming together to form Pandamic?

Joe and I met on the first day of high school. we figured out we both played instruments when we had music class so we sorta just spontaneously started a band straight away haha! As we got older, our sound sort of transformed and we needed more. We always knew Lyle and Rangi so we hit them up to see if we could fill what was missing later down the track about a year ago now. Things have been going swell since!

Your music video for ‘Scumbag’ is insane, however I cringed at seeing the tattoos inside your mouth. Did that hurt much? Was there a wait until you could eat or drink? OUCH!!!

Surprisingly, the tattoos didn’t hurt so much haha It only took like 5 seconds and the show was all over didn’t slow us down from smashing some KFC after anyway!

That was quick! Where was the video shot? There are a few locations.

The video was shot all around Rockhampton and Yeppoon by my sister at Dejavu Photo & film and one of our mates Michael Nelson. The live footage is mainly shot at house shows we played at with other local bands which are so much fun by the way!

Was ‘Scumbag’ written about a particular person or experience? You seem to have some very strong feelings about hating someone. It is so catchy I will need to be careful while in a face to face interview I don’t start singing it out loud!

It definitely was targeted at a certain person. I don’t really hate anyone though. I was just super angry when writing the lyrics and that’s what came out!

You have released Heck earlier this year and it has been a great success for you. Loads of listens on Soundcloud and music blogs loving it, as well as a spot on Groovin ’the Moo in Townsville, how are you feeling with the success of the song so far?

1We are so overwhelmed really. It came as a massive surprise to us so we are all over the moon that we are getting heard so much! It’s been so much fun.


Are you planning a music video for Heck soon? If so any sneak peaks you can share with us?

That’s definitely something we would love to do. Don’t have anything set in stone yet, but it’s still early 2016!


It sure is. How does your writing process usually go? Is it individual or a whole band approach?

The writing process varies. most of the time the basics of the song (Lyrics and Guitar) are written individually and then introduced to the band. Suddenly everyone’s influences come in differently and everyone writes their own little parts to add in! so in the end, it’s really a group effort!

Are there any bands or artists that influence you when you write your music?

Each of us all have such different musical back grounds and very different musical influences to each other. Nothing really stands out that I can think of as an influence to us. We all influence each other I think!

How did you show go on Saturday night? How did the crowd receive your music?

The show was unreal! It was our very first Brisbane show and we could not get over the amount of people that came to support. I would actually say probably the best crowd we have played too. The crowd was so pumped and we were feeding off it! Was rad seeing familiar faces in the crowd too since a bunch of mates came to sink some beers with us!

How were your supports chosen?

Tim Price (absolute legend) helped us sort this show out. We had never heard of Bixby Canyon or Junior Arcade, but they put out such a great sound. Tim’s good for picking out the great talent like that and he is who put those guys on the bill for us.

He sure is. Thanks guys for your time, I hope to see you play your songs live down in in Melbourne.

Cheers, Jen

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