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Jen interviews Brandon from Undercast, one of Australia’s Pop Punk up and coming bands.

It seems that Undercast has the ability to pen songs that are connectable and they have the talent to execute the songs perfectly in the studio as well in live settings. This is a band to watch!
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Hi, Brandon thanks for taking some time to answer my questions.

Tomorrow is your EP launch show at Hot Damn. Now it is so close how are you feeling about how Temperamental being released and the hype it has created so far after your hard work that you put into it?

We’re honestly so happy with the response we’ve gotten from everyone who has heard/downloaded our new EP! Taking a whole year off the write/record this EP was a bit scary, because there was always the possibility of people forgetting about us, but after we released the first single off the new EP ‘Temperamental’ with a music video, we saw that people stuck around and were very keen to hear more.


You guys are no newcomers, even though you came into the music industry in late 2014, you have already supported bands like State Champs and Trophy Eyes.

Can you tell us something that you learnt from these bands on the tours?

We’ve seen both of these bands blow up in our scene over the last few years, and I guess it just shows us that hard work, determination and perseverance goes a long way. Also to stay humble! The dudes in Trophy Eyes and State Champs are both the nicest guys ever, and is always a pleasure to share the stage with them.

 Classified as Pop Punk can cause some bands to be overlooked as their sound is so similar to all the other bands but as KillYourStereo, has said “when a genre pretty much defines itself by certain vocal styles, like pop-punk has, most bands inevitably sound the same. Undercast are arguably one of the few exceptions.”

Did you set out from Day 1 to be classified as Pop Punk?

Yep! We’re all into Pop-Punk bands like The Story So Far, State Champs, Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck and Real Friends and that was the vibe we were going for with this band, fast, fun and energetic tunes!

 When you first read that review how did it make you feel?

When we first read that review we were so stoked to hear such positive things said about our new music! It’s always so good getting solid feedback on our music, whether it’s good or bad! It helps us see what people like or don’t like, and helps us grow as a band moving forward from here.

When writing your music are there particular bands or songs in mind that you think have influenced you?

I guess! If you listen to anything long enough you’ll start to draw influence from it.

 Is your writing process a whole band approach or more individual?

Josh usually writes the instrumentals first and demos it out, then takes it to us to learn and jam, and the instrumental sort of just builds itself from there. With vocals, Michael will write the lyrics, and have the basic melody sorted out before coming over to my house and spending a day working out all the vocal parts/layers/harmonies and recording it.

From your Temperamental EP the opening song ‘Hold Tight’ is one song that I can connect with. I really like the lyrics as well thinking that it is a song that many young people can connect to as well. Was it written from personal experience?

Hold Tight’ was actually the very first song Michael had written lyrically for Undercast, and we couldn’t be happier with how it came out! Our first EP ‘Welcome Home’ was all written by Josh. But to answer your question, yes, the song was written from Michael’s own personal experiences with his dad.

 Was it written to be the opening track?

Nope! Once all the songs were written we decided on the track listing, and after choosing the two singles, we felt that it would be a strong song to start the EP with.


Temperamental’ Track Listing:

1. Hold Tight

2. Pressure

3. Prospect

4. Radiate


6. Elapse


You are really good at replying to your fans on Facebook. In today’s society and in order to get your music out to the public, social media is so important. Are these personalized responses something that you plan on keeping up with?

Yes, definitely! Without all the people who listen to our music or buy our merch, we wouldn’t be able to be where we are right now. Social media helps us spread our music more than anything else, and it also gives us the opportunity to talk with the people who like our music. Our twitter account is the most active of all our social media accounts, so if you just want to have a casual chat to us/some friendly banter feel free to follow us/tweet us at @undercastband

 You are selling merch on your Facebook page, I really like the design of the tees, and the EP is only $5. Do you do all your designs for your tees and album covers yourselves or do you get some help? Readers can look here

Thank you so much! We currently have two new t-shirts available over at our bigcartel in conjunction with this new release. One of the shirts is a simple logo tee that Michael designed for us, and the other was a design done for us by our good friend Tristan Higginson of Half Full Design. We usually come up with a basic idea of what we want, and then take it to a designer who we feel suits the idea best! Our album cover/cd booklet was done by the same designer (Carol Aldrighi of Bitterblosom Visual – Arts) who did the art for our first EP.

 Are there any plans that you can tell us about in the near future?

Well after our EP Launch, we’re so excited to be sharing the stage with With Confidence and Harbours on April 17 (Sun) on the Sydney date of With Con’s national tour, before they head overseas for a few months. Other than that, we’ve got some cool stuff happening behind the scenes for the coming months.

Thanks Brandon, Hope your Launch goes well and good luck in the future! 


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