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Sophie interviews Iain from Tully on Tully

Off to a flying start in 2016, hot on the heels of an intense period of song cultivation and recording Tully On Tully are taking their refined new material to the stage. Playing a string of headline shows around the country in support of their sophomore EP Miles Away set for release in May, the band’s live performance is guaranteed to highlight their new music, peaking with energy and unperturbed confidence. Miles Away was written whilst the band were abroad in New York City and represents their experiences in the in somnolent metropolis and the tyranny of distance. Upon their return to Australia Tully On Tully retreated to a recording studio in the Victorian highlands to put their new work to wax.

Deviating stylistically from their last release, on Miles Away the band harness a myriad of sounds and influences. From the stadium drums of the 1980’s, aurally engulfing guitars of The War On Drugs to carefully honed synthetic sounds akin to TV On The Radio.

Hi! And thank you for taking the time to chat with us at MI! So you’re out on your ”Miles Away” tour now, how do you feel it’s going so far?  2

Hey, no problemo MI! So far it’s great. We’ve crossed off three out of ten shows and have Ballarat tonight and our hometown, Melbourne, tomorrow.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive to a new city after being on the road? 

Usually we find the venue, get everything in order for the show then find a bar and drink beers and eat! We’re normally starving and dying of thirst when we get in to town because we drive a lot of our tours.

How would you describe Tully on Tully in three words? 

 Hyperactive party mates.

Where did your journey as a band begin? 

Studying music at NMIT in Melbourne. Pete (keys) and myself (bass) were approached by Natalie (vox) to play a few of her songs at a faculty songwriting competition and we obliged and just so happened to win. After that we kind of solidified and kept on making original music together with the addition of my high school mate Frank (drums) and Greg (guitar) not too long after.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in a band? 

As well as the being in the band we all work full time jobs and have pretty hectically busy lives. I guess we’d just have more down time if we weren’t making music. I can’t imagine any of us would be able to exist happily without a musical outlet, it’s pretty engrained in our lives.

But I could be myself or I could be somebody else” from the single ”Miles Away” stuck with me. I read that your inspiration for the song came from touring in the US, Canada and Singapore. Can you describe how that influence got from your head to actually getting the lyrics on paper? 

 I feel like the content and theme of a song’s lyrics come together quite subconsciously and aren’t instantly obvious. It’s not like we sat down and made a concerted effort to write songs about being abroad. The songs just came together and then it was pretty clear after a few play-throughs that they were about our lives on tour.

How involved were you in the making of the music video for ”Miles Away”

Pretty involved. It was made by our mate Jam Nawaz (aka Jamatar, the gameboy virtuoso) and we actually shot it at our house. We all did a bunch of brainstorming with Jam at a Lygon Street bar over a few weeks and eventually had the concept fleshed out. Then we put a casting call out for extras and managed to get a few of our close muso compadres involved including Liam Jenkins from Neighbourhood Youth and Alex Lahey.

You released the EP ”Miles Away” in the beginning of 2016. How is it different from your previous releases? 

 I think we’ve changed a lot stylistically since our first E.P. We’ve also grown heaps and have a lot more experience and knowledge in the studio. The first E.P was a lot softer and delicate, I think we’ve departed from that vibe and on Miles Away we’ve tried to pull larger, more epic sounds. There’s a much rockier influence rearing it’s head too. We also worked with a few different people in the production process, which contrasts what we had done up until Miles Away, where we would normally keep everything in-house and do it all ourselves.

What’s your favorite song to perform live and why? 

Personally I’m into playin’ Go To Sleep live. It’s simple, loose and fast. We haven’t recorded it yet either so if you want to hear it you’ll have to get down to a show!

Any fan encounters you’d like to tell us about? 

 We copped a pretty favourable online review of one of our songs by James Blake. I don’t doubt it’s validity. He has great taste.

And the final question, what’s in the future for Tully on Tully? 

More recording, more festivals, more music videos, more touring, hopefully new ears to play to and more wild nights on the road.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us at MI! Good luck on tour and take care! x

thx m8 😉

Interview by Sophie 

Tully On Tully recently worked with Diana and Leo of the Around The World In 80 Music Videos Project to produce latest video clip for ‘Honestly’. A collection of 2,500 still images, the band wanted to highlight the city they call home, Melbourne. Watch the result here:

The Miles Away tour kicks off later this month and sees the band join festival line ups at The Hills Are Alive and Moonee Tunes.



Saturday March 19th – The Loft, Warnambool, VIC

Friday March 25th – The Hills Are Alive, VIC

with Ngaiire, Tiny Little Houses, Bad//Dreems, Tired Lion & many more

Friday April 1st – Pirie & Co, Adelaide SA

Friday April 8th – Moonee Tunes @ The Valley VIC

with Kingswood, Tkay Maidza, Remi, Delta Riggs & Harts

Friday April 15th – Karova Lounge, Ballarat VIC with Leisure Suite

Saturday April 16th – Workers Club, Melbourne VIC with Wallflower

Friday April 22nd – Mynt Lounge, Werribee VIC

Thursday May 26 – Bar On The Hill, University of Newcastle NSW (Lunchtime Gig)

Thursday May 26 – Oxford Art Factory, Gallery Bar, Sydney NSW with Wallflower

Saturday May 28 – Transit Bar, Canberra, ACT with Wallflower

The stunning vocals of Natalie Foster…Faultlessly traipsing through a massive vocal range, she’s equally

captivating & catchy. It’s a promising sign for the Melbourne band. Indie Shuffle

Natalie Foster’s vocals are breathtaking from the opener; effortlessly clear & powerful, but also

bewitching & warm…..this is a band with an ethereal quality….Tully On Tully are both delicate &

powerful, demonstrating flawless mastery of their instruments & vocals. Inpress Magazine

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