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Apocalyptica’ s ‘Shadowmaker’Review by Belinda

Beginning April 23rd, Apocalyptica will hit The US heavily in support of their latest album Shadowmaker. It’s stunningly simple cover art is not an indication of the intricate, orchestrated work within.






The first single “Cold Blood” is just as catchy, if not more so that their hit “I Don’t Care”. The title track is a masterpiece. If you’ve never seen a performance by this group, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s like the symphony OD’d on adrenalin. Their Cellos bear the scars of their masterfully and insane rock style of playing them.   The sounds they project from them, nothing short of amazing.





It’s hard to believe these fellows began twenty years ago with “Plays Metallica by 4 Cellos”. This time, Franky Perez joins them and his vocals are the perfect compliment to the sound.




The tour wanders through select dates around most of the US and finally ends May 22 in Philadelphia, PA., but never fear, if you’re feeling like a true fan, you can grab a ticket on the Apocalyptica Cruise from Turku to Stockholm, Sweden, June 9&10. It included not one, but two shows, and a meet and greet, and the prices are pretty reasonable. I mean, reasonable if you don’t have to fly there, but still awesome. I wish they’d find time to do one in the US.






The Shadowmaker album is available as a traditional CD, a double vinyl album with two bonus tracks, or a fabulous box set with vinyl album, CD, book, a band autograph and few other goodies. It’s available online here. The songs alone are available on ITUNES.








 Review and Images by 

Belinda Glass Ready


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