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gnash releases a double single ‘outside’ / ‘inside’.

gnash is a multi-platinum singer, songwriter, and producer who has already made a name for himself in the world of indie-pop. gnash has a unique and quirky sound that I fell in love with while listening to ‘outside’. His matter of fact honest lyrics about what we all were feeling when Coronavirus hit. It was scary! It still is! I like how gnash gently pushes us to turn our thoughts around and be more positive. At the start of lockdown, that now might return, I was not appreciating what was happening around me. After a little while, I started to do things that I had always wanted to, for example actually start to do some gardening. I turned a negative situation into a positive one, in between working online, I started to see the environment around me and I felt my fears dropping away. Don’t get me wrong, I still had worries, my mum going through chemo and being over an hours drive away and I could not see her for months, that was still weighing on me, as well as having an illness myself that affects my immunity.

As a teacher, I totally agree with gnash’s lyrics that he would hate to be a child now as there is going to be scars for many in the future for sure. In fact, the more I listen to ‘Outside’ I take something new out of it. This time I heard the environment is mentioned.  I think I could keep on writing how much I actually connected to and got out of ‘outside’ in the form of an essay! 

Then listening to ‘Inside’ and enjoying the little diversity from ‘Outside’ I really liked the theme of being scared to die but not liking who he is inside. Another honest song from gnash.  Writing these songs in his DIY studio in his garage he was able to write his honest feelings as he “was raised that it’s okay to have feelings, as long as you aren’t afraid to talk about them — so I’ve chosen to do that by documenting the feelings I have in my heart in my art.” gnash I am glad that you did share your feelings as many people will connect to your words, your honesty and your unique sound. 




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