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The Harlots release their second single and have upcoming tour dates.

Recording ‘High Roller’ through the old school preamps onto reel to reel tape adds to the uniqueness of this track. The story of people being followers and the addiction of social media may offend those who live their lives on the internet (tough!) however I really like the message. People who have pretend lives to impress people on line is way out of control these days. This track is quicky, sexy and guaranteed to get you singing along. I encourage you to attend one of their Upcoming shows. See below for more info.

2016 marks an important and exciting year for Melbourne band The Harlots. Having spent six years cultivating their unique blend of spacey yet stabbing guitars, dreamy-but-bold keyboards, tite-as F rhythm section and sexy, gritty vocals, the six-piece are finally ready to unleash their debut album.

Coming almost entirely from a background in performing arts, the band are an arresting live act; Tom Pitts simultaneously manages to reel the audience in with flailing limbs and theatricality while being a captivating storyteller. When the band is added to the mix this results in a lively, sexy, sweat-fest. In a good way. Musical influences are not always obvious, but upon listening, one can pick Arcade Fire, Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, and not surprisingly Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

High Roller is the latest piece from the forthcoming album, following the successful and well-received single On My Way in 2015. The track was recorded at Soundpark studios in Northcote and was engineered by Richard Bowers (Magic Bones), by his favourite process: through old-school pre-amps and onto reel to reel tape.

High Roller follows the lead of On My Way in its ability to address pertinent social observations in this messy Gen-Y existence in a sexy, rock n’ roll pop song.

It is a transcendental gritty reminder of our obsession with glorifying humdrummery, which is distressingly and inescapably in our faces daily since the creation of social media. It’s kind of just about people who think they’re fucking amazing but really, the things they think are amazing actually aren’t.


22/04/16: “High Roller” Single Launch @ Cherry Bar, Melbourne VIC
29/04/16: Baha Tacos, Rye VIC
12/05/16: Frankies Pizza, Sydney NSW
14/05/16: Dicey Riley’s, Wollongong NSW
20/05/16: Crown & Anchor, Adelaide SA
21/05/16: The Loft, Warnambool VIC

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