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The Jacques release a punk rock gem ‘Eleanor Ring Me’

The Jacques explain ‘Eleanor Ring Me’ “This tune is a kick at the people and things that we are distancing ourselves from now. I don’t think that lyrically it needs making sense of, but those who wish to interpret it will do that anyway of course. As I said though, just a kick.”

“This song gets stuck in your head but in a good way, not an Achy Breaky Heart way. The guitar riffs and the gruff vocals are a perfect  punk rock style that I adore” –Music Injection Australia

Sounds like a pre pubescent Pete Docherty fronting Echobelly… (Scum In A Bottle) takes its guitar cues from Elastica” NME

Think Ray Davies at his most acerbic, think Paul Weller at his most romantic, think) four kids barely old enough to drink slating all around them. Three minutes of adolescent rage and tuneful hooks.)Their snotty, punk inspired take on the Great British Song writing linage has a brattish, infectious quality.” – Clash Magazine

Two minutes and thirty seven seconds is probably the perfect length for a pop song. Eleanor Ring Me could well be that song. Revolving around a riff that will stick in your brain, a voice that rasps out the words and a beat that walks along the sidewalk this is the sound of a band about to embark on their next musical journey.

 With two critically acclaimed EP’s and mini album releases in Japan and Germany, this new song is the band’s first of 2016 and was recorded at the legendary RAK Studios, London and produced by Dan Swift. It is released on the band’s own label, Vegan Cyanide via The Orchard.

 Since making their London debut at Hyde Park in May 2014 with The Libertines, The Jacques have been quietly establishing themselves as one of the UK’s best kept secrets – playing over 75 shows in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and USA.

 Their forthcoming live schedule includes festival appearances at Dot To Dot, Live At Leeds, Kendal Calling, Down To The  Woods, Grillstock Bristol and venturing further afield playing Amsterdam  Damaris and Zomerparkfest in The Netherlands, Antwerp Les Nuits Botanique, Treviso Home Festival Italy and their debut show in Paris, France.

 Recording has already begun on the band’s eagerly anticipated debut album, scheduled for release sometime next year. In the meantime shake your hips gently to the next two minutes and thirty seven seconds of pop history…… Eleanor Ring Me.


EU/UK Tour Dates:


Thurs 28th April – The Montague Arms, London UK

Sat 30th April – Leeds Metropolitan Music Festival, Leeds UK

Fri 13th May – l’Alimentation Generale, Paris France

Sat 14th May – Les Nuit Botanique, Brussels Belgium

Fri 27th May – Dot to Dot Festival, Manchester UK

Sat 28th May – Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol UK

Sun 29th May – Dot to Dot Festival, Nottingham UK

Fri 29th July – Kendal Calling Festival, UK

Sun 31st July- Damaris Festival, Amsterdam Holland

Sat 13th Aug – Down to The Woods Festival, Durham UK

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