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TASTE drop new single, ‘Life on Earth.’

Not many bands can say they’ve toured with Queen, and even fewer can say they almost did. Yet, that’s exactly how it went for Aussie 70’s rockers TASTE. But, after a twenty-something year break between 1977 and the 2000’s, they’re back and ready to rock with a new single I Am God, off their upcoming record “Life on Earth”.

The fuzz-driven Telecaster chops that bring in the song instantly bring Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin for the uneducated) to mind, and without knowing anything about TASTE you wouldn’t know that the tune was written after the 70’s. However, what really gives I Am God its punch is the way the Orwellian, post-apocalyptic video clip and the sharp-tongued social critique of the lyrics juxtapose themselves against the authentic vintage sound of the guitar riffs and driving drums.

Despite the throwback to the golden age of rock, the new track feels anything but stuck in time. Unlike other classic rock projects, TASTE are the real deal, and their groovy vibe feels just as at home in the post-modern dystopia of the film clip as it would at the grassy countryside of Woodstock. Where other bands of their ilk today may find themselves lost to nostalgia or faded by the plethora of modern recording processes, TASTE strut the tightrope with confidence and poise that does their legacy justice.

Of course, I Am God doesn’t have the 50 odd years that their classics such as Boys Will Be Boys have to mature in our collective conscience, but that sound, the keys and guitars, the old-school drum feel, has been crystallised in this new single, and that’s sure to excite anyone who loves classic rock and roll.

If I Am God is any indication, “Life On Earth”, TASTE’s new record, is set to be a ripper. The release date is set for May 27th down under, but even more exciting is the Life on Earth tour in support of the album. The tour kicks off on July 1st at the Crowbar in Brisbane before visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.



by Jordan Sibberas

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