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Almost Honey’s debut album ‘That Weary Heart Of Yours’ is worth a listen!

The Swedish electric indie pop scene is flourishing and Almost Honey is next in line to make it big. Their debut album ‘That Weary Heart Of Yours’ are following the tracks of northern song writing history at the same time as it takes the lead for a new generation of talented artists and songwriters.

A musical mixture of Robyn, El Perro Del Mar and Bat For Lashes – but with a soundscape and expression of their own. Almost Honey create modern, electronic indie pop that is difficult to either ignore or to let go of. The Stockholm based duo introduced themselves with their 2016 debut single ‘Paradise Lost’ and thereafter the sequel ‘For Rest’.

On May 17th they finally released ‘That Weary Heart Of Yours, where we also find the third single ‘IWU (Do you really wanna?’ – a classic love song in a modern format.


“They have their own unique style – you have never heard something like this before. Catchy electronic tunes, once you have heard these, there’s no return – you’re hooked.” [Jade Outsen, Promoter, Our City Radio]

“Check out the great band Almost Honey. Like getting an electronic kiss with perfect harmonies and vocals.“ [Whaam Team]


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