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Los Angeles Power-Pop Band, Romance & Rebellion, Present an Explosive Debut on their self-titled EP

Pop-Rockers, Romance & Rebellion, bring a delectable vibe to their self-titled EP out now. Comprised of David LaViola (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Aaron Medina (Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals), Kyle Jordan Mueller (Drums), and Brandon Davis (Bass, Harmony Vocals), the quartet formed in 2015 and quickly garnered recognition in the Los Angeles market. After capturing the attention of famed producer Stefan Litrownik (Andy Grammer, One Direction), they began work on their debut EP, a project that would produce the addictive, beat driven single, “More Than Friends.” Their music presents an unmistakably soulful and friendly charisma that charms more than just their flurry of fans — but a whole generation of young listeners that see themselves in their stories.

The EP launches with the sunny, beat-centric rager “The Next Best Thing.” A rousing earworm, it easily cobbles together a selection of existent trends that include 90’s punk-pop, boy band style harmonies, and a subtle throwback to 60’s bangers. The poster-girl anthem, “Vanity Fair,” is an updated version of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” A feel good track that inspires positivity and self confidence, it’s the kind of song that young women will melt over. Their matter-of-fact storytelling and stark honesty become a vibrant picture perfect story in “The James Hotel.” They capture an honest snapshot of what it’s like to be young and falling in love at first sight. Dynamic shuffling beats collide with layers of harmonic vocals and electric guitar, finishing in an unforgettable climactic heartbreak. Proof that they can tackle an emotional ballad comes in the form of “Empty Space,” the tale of a heartbreak that just won’t fade away. A stadium sized thump culminates in lost, meandering vocals that point listeners in the direction of that aching emptiness.

Their debut single, “More Than Friends,” is one of those songs that is impossible to forget. With its giddy guitar bounce and foot-stomping, radio ready infusion, it is bound to be a runaway summer hit. They combined everything good about pop music, a catchy chorus and howling vocals, that hit the nail on the head when it comes to unrequited, chaotic love. The vibrant EP comes to a beautiful finish with “Thanks For The Memories,” a reminiscent look back at a love that remains perfect in memory but not so much in reality. Acoustic guitar and soft, emotive voices float atop a glowing chorus that continues to build to an exceptional finish.

Romance & Rebellion’s debut EP is a burst of youthful exuberance that captures the spirit and energy of young love, crazy nights, and simmering frustrations. It’s an honest reflection of what young men and women are experiencing every day, one of the many reasons this display of pop perfection will find it’s way into the hearts of many.


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