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Sibbo chats to Tiki Taane ahead of his Australian tour.


Fresh off the back from his newest single release No Place Like Home in February 2016, New Zealand artist Tiki Taane has just announced a 14-day Australian tour to promote his latest material. Set to be the artist’s biggest and most ambitious tour of Australia as a solo artist yet, the tour will kickstart in Sydney October 14th and run through to November 5th.

Tiki Taane’s latest single No Place Like Home was released early February in the wake of an anti-TPPA protest and Waitangi Day to celebrate his hometown, New Zealand. Launching to a small but selected group in the Bay of Plenty, artist and producer Tiki Taane’s song showcases an appreciation of the county that matters most to him.

Jordan catches up with Tikki to talk about the tour. Thank you for your time, your upcoming tour of Australia is very extensive and covers a lot of stops along the way. Are there any places that are of special interest to you on the tour and why?

I’m just super stoked to be able to tour OZ, so I’m pretty happy to be playing all of these places. Out of the 14 dates the only place I havnt played is the Island Vibe festival which I’m amped about. 

Recently you’ve been vocal against the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, can you explain to our readers who may not know much about it why it is such an important issue?

This thing is so BIG that it’s impossible to even touch on the issues in a sentence or two. But in short, we will lose our sovereignty & rights. The TPPA gives corporations more power to fuck us all over. It truely does stand for Taking People’s Power Away. 

No Place Like Home focuses on the love you have for your homeland, could you tell us a bit about what makes it so special for you?

Aotearoa New Zealand, is a spiritual land that is so dynamic with an abundance of soul. Being Maori, indigenous to the country, we have had to fight hard for the existence of our culture & customs. I’m proud to say that we as a country have come along way in acknowledging & honouring these things, which makes it a special place in my heart. 

Your shows have been described as experimental, and you’re not afraid to see where songs go live, how does it feel to create in such a dynamic way?

Because I make loops on the spot, every show is different which makes things super exciting. I love having an element of not knowing what’s going to happen as it keeps things fresh, which the audience appreciates too. 

Who were some of the performers you looked up to growing up?

I was totally inspired by cats like Hendrix, Bob Marley, Cobain. 

In the past you’ve had people try and tear you down, including people like Simon Bridges who at the time was an MP. Do these kinds of critics spur you on and motivate you to keep expressing yourself?

My whole life I’ve had people try to keep me down which definitely spurs me on. I feel I have to fight for my rights on issues that concern me, my environment, my people. So I will often face criticism from politicians or journalists but that kind of resistance gives me inspiration to shout even louder. 

Ria Hall features on your latest single, what was it like to work with her?

Ria is one of the most incredible singers & people I have the honour of knowing. She has so much mana & talent that it’s spine tingle to witness live. I’m producing her album at the mo, she has some very dope songs on the way. 

You have an impressive set of tattoos, if you’re comfortable with it, could you tell us about them? 

Cheers! I’ve always been infatuated with tattoo, tatau & moko. For me it’s literally in my blood. My people have been tattooing for thousands of years so its a natural thing for me to receive. I see it as the ultimate expression & the process can be a very deep & spiritual experience. 

Thank you for your time! I hope the tour goes well for you.

The track, which was written to remind us all to appreciate our home, land, sea and people within “because that’s where the true spirit and power of this country lies” features hip-hop soul artist Ria Hall & friends. Raising money from the song download, Taane has been giving all proceeds to a non-profit Tauranga charity called Good Neighbour.

Stepping out as a solo artist from New Zealand’s leading band Salmonella Dub in 2007, Tiki Taane has established himself as an exceptional musician and producer since. Touring as a solo artist around both Australia and New Zealand, Taane is renowned for bringing a vibrant energy to the stage that is both infectious and inviting.

“Expect this solo tour to be live and on the spot creation and experimentation of all music using an acoustic guitar, vocals, samples and loops. Every show is different and challenging as a performance, which is why I really love doing the solo thing”, says Taane.

Expected to be his biggest and most ambitious solo tour to date, Taane is set to embark a 14 day Australian tour in light of his latest single as part of Natural Touring. Starting at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney October 14th, the tour will see Taane venture to Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Margaret River, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Townsville and Airlie Beach.


Oct 14 – Max Watts Sydney w/ Kachafire

Oct 15 – Republic Bar & Café Hobart

Oct 16 – Evelyn Hotel Melbourne

Oct 20 – Mojo’s Bar Fremantle

Oct 21 – Babushka Bar Perth

Oct 22 – Settlers Tavern Margaret River

Oct 23 – Indi Bar Scarborough

Oct 27 – Solbar Maroochydore

Oct 28 – The Zoo Brisbane

Oct 29 –  Island Vibe Festival North Stradbroke Island

Oct 30 – The Beergarden Gold Coast

Nov 3 – The Jack Cairns

Nov 4 – Kirwan Tavern Townsville

Nov 5 – Airlie Beach Music Festival Airlie Beach

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