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‘False Idols’, EP Review by ‘Drown This City’

Written by Jordan Sibberas

Hailing from Melbourne, metalcore band Drown This City have unleashed False Idols, an energetic and passionate foray into post hardcore. Fronted by the talented Alexandra Reade, Drown This City have crafted an iconic style that stands out in the growing swell of generic copies in the crowded metalcore scene.


False Idols opens with the aggressive ‘We Are Not Dead’, and from the get go it is clear to see that they’re not afraid or ashamed to utilize electronics in a genre that often shuns electronica and tries to bury synthesisers under the tones of swelling strings or piano-esque tones. This fusion of hardcore and electronica won’t appeal to everyone, but if the attitude and fire of Alexandra’s powerful vocals is anything to go by, it’s obvious that they don’t particularly care. In terms of guitar and rhythmic composition, Drown This City don’t stray too far from the tried and tested fomulas that compromise the iconic Australian metalcore scene, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the power of having a female frontwoman delivering crushing vocals and their unashamed unashamed use of electronics feels a natural progression of the sound loved by Aussie post-hardcore fans.

One particularly strong track on the record is ‘Idols’, which features a guest appearance from Dylan Giles-Parsons of fellow Melbourne band Gravemind. The combination and contrast of vocals gives an interesting edge that bulks up an album already bulging with post-hardcore muscle. Whilst this isn’t necessarily an album for the purists of heavy metal, Drown This City have created with tracks like ‘Idols’ a wave of conviction-soaked aggression that is tangible and exciting.

Equally as exciting is ‘I’m Not Divided’, one of the tracks that was released as a single. Particularly poignant on the track is Alexandra Reade’s ability to swing wildly from beautifully controlled clean vocals that contrast against the bared aggression of the rhythm section to barking growls that themselves fit with the slamming and  pounding of the band.

Overall, False Idols is a solid effort, which knows what sound it wants to achieve and sticks to it from start to finish with poise and power that is sure to impress fans of the genre. Most exciting of all will be how well False Idols will translate live, as it is sure to have people moshing and headbanging around the country.

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