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Jen finds out more about Monet, and his debut single’You”

Introducing Monet (/moʊˈneɪ/😉 – a multi-faceted artist who lists directing and modelling on his repertoire – and now adds singing as the China born and bred talent releases his debut single ‘You’ on May 25.

You’ is an infusion of electronic rhythms and pop sensibilities.  It is a ballad about falling in love once again.  “It came to mind in a stormy dusk when I was on holiday on an island last year,” says Monet. “I was sitting by the ocean watching the lightning striking over the horizon then some old memories rekindled themselves and from them came this song.”

Originally from the Chinese town of Wujin – a city with a 3000-year old history – Monet is now based in Brisbane, Australia – the city he has called home since 2012.

Monet’s history in music is short and sweet but his passion for music has never wavered.  Monet was first introduced to music having started performing in his local theatre since the age of five.  He was forced out of music several years later by his parents after being sent to an academic school with high hopes for him to become a lawyer or a doctor.

Whilst he was finishing his studies in China, he also worked as a part-time director and co-producer in a local TV station. He moved to Brisbane, Australia in 2012 where he decided to pick up his love for music and film again enrolling to study music for which he has done so for the past two years culminating to this, his debut single.

A lot of people like to use the word “dream” for music. For me, when something/someone becomes a habit to you, you just don’t want to shake it off… that’s what music is to me”.

Having already written a handful of songs, Monet has no plans to slow as he starts to combine his love of music and directing with the release of several follow up singles this year accompanied by self-directed visuals.


Hi, you are originally from China, Wujin to be exact and now reside in Brisbane, one of our most beautiful cites. Why did you choose Brisbane?

Hi, thank you, I’m doing very well! Wujin and Brisbane have very similar lifestyles with friendly people, clean streets and lovely greens, which I love. I also love traveling and exploring, so the Sunshine state is the most ideal place for me.

For those that have not heard of you, can you give us a basic run down of your sound?

I’m mostly doing pop and electronic songs. I like mixing pop with strings and piano and just getting creative with it.
You did not have the support of your parents to pursue your dreams of being an artist, how difficult was that and has your relationship changed now?

 It was quite hard for me back when I was in high school, my school wouldn’t allow me to apply for any musical/acting universities and my parents didn’t let me go to any of the talent shows, because they all thought this was not the best for me.

My parents are totally cool with me doing music now; in fact they are my number one fans now.

 That is great news. You have just released your new single, ‘You’, a ballad about falling in love. Was this from personal experience? Bringing back old feelings?

 Yes we can say that! Some from my personal experiences and some from my friend’s experiences as well.
You wrote this sitting by the ocean watching the lightning striking over the horizon while you were on holiday. My suggestion is for you to holiday more often if a song like ‘You’ is the result! A lot of artists get inspiration from nature, you are now based in Queensland, so can we expect more songs like ‘You’ as you are in such a beautiful place in the world?

 That’s very nice of you for saying that, thank you! Yes, sometimes I go for a trip on purpose to get inspiration and many of my song ideas occur to me during travels. There are still quite a few places in Queensland and other states I haven’t been to and I’m quite keen to start a new trip soon.

I love the music lyric video to ‘You’, it is like we are following you around but not knowing who you are. The beat does match the walking. Then at the end your face is revealed for a few seconds.  

Thank you!

Was that an idea that you came up with, simple but still an impact? Great idea!

Yes it is, we were only in Shanghai for just over a day and then had to transfer a flight and I was thinking “It’s quite a nice day… let’s make a video!” Then I came up with this lyric video idea, which turned out quite fun, so I’ll keep using it in the future.

Your artwork for the single we can’t see your face, is this going to be an occurring theme?

For the coming songs yes, but I also love trying different photo ideas so there will be different cover images in the future too.

 You have been giving us cryptic clues on your fb page like The Tiger Leaping Gorge // Chapter Three: Right Place, Wrong Mood, The Jade Dragon Mountain // Chapter Three: Breathe out Photography by Benjamin Andrew Visuals

Can you tell us more about these? Or are they just random pics? The photographer is super talented!

 Thank you for saying that and yes he’s quite awesome! Along with these photos there will be visual works come in the future, so that’s what these images are leading up to, and also showing the fans places we went to on recent travels.

I love your cover image with you on the edge of a bridge with the swirling water. Is that a hint of a new video or did you just really like that image?

Cheers! Haha you got me! Yes, it’s actually a hint of my upcoming music documentary that I directed.


 You have written more songs, is there a time frame of when we can expect these to be released?

I’m currently doing post-production for my upcoming film, which will be released next month, meanwhile I will also be finishing recording my second song called “Nobody’s Wrong” which will be released in August.

 You have a long history in the theatre and film, and have done many studies. Can you outline these for us? You do clearly enjoy studying! Not that there is anything wrong with that!

I think it’s because I didn’t get the chances to study music and film when I was a teenager so some part of me keeps driving myself to fulfill the “unfinished business” from back when I was 18 or so. I do enjoy studying for the most part; I’ve met some nice people. Although it’s all taken up a lot of my time, but I managed to balance it well enough.

If you could have a dream collaboration with any band/artist who would it be and why?

Adele and Ryan Tedder. Adele is my favorite singer and Ryan Tedder is an awesome producer. It’s a big goal but one day if I’m good enough.

Big goals are the best goals! Thanks for your time, I wish you well for your career.


Thank you Jen!

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