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Maddie interviews Make Way for the Man and discusses their debut EP ‘Evolve and Repair’

Make Way for Man are a heavy metal band, with a twist! Although they’ve only been a band for a short amount of time, they’ve made a significant impact and have become a growing success with help from each members’ individual experience in the music industry. The band have just released their debut EP ‘Evolve and Repair’ this year (which can be streamed in full below and are already planning an album for next year. Make Way for Man is a band like no other and you don’t want to miss out on witnessing their talent.

Make sure to check them out on tour in July! Details are on their Facebook page:

A big thank you to Adam Mather, the bassist in Make Way For Man for taking the time and answering these questions!

First off, the cliché question, how did the band form?

The concept started at the back end of 2014 when Saviour called it quits & Jordan (drums) wanted to keep playing music, he approached his brother, Adam (Bass), to start his idea, MWFM. Drew(guitar) & Adam’s previous band, Prescient, had just dismembered & Josh (guitar) had just come back from a 2-year hiatus working away and wanted to get back into music.
When it came down to choosing a vocalist, the band had known Sean for long time from other bands, so it was a natural choice, at the same time, John had spoken with the band also. With a chance to work with 2 incredible vocalists, the band felt it was right to have them both.

For the potential fans, how would you describe MWFM and what makes the band stand out in the heavy metal genre?
Progressive, heavy, melodic with catchy hooks.
Heavy & clean vocals are covered by both vocalists which adds a different dimension to the music.

So you guys are kicking off the ‘Evolve and Repair’ tour in July, just after your show with Fear Factory. Did you learn anything new from them that you’re going to bring to this tour?
We are always learning something new each time we play no matter who we are sharing the stage with, whether it be new sounds, new gear/technology other bands are using, as long as we are constantly evolving all the time I hope you find each time we play to be better and better!

You’ve stated that the songs on the new EP ‘Evolve and Repair’ are based around the preservation of self, can you elaborate on that?
It can be taken in many ways but we feel it’s around taking the negative effects in life whether it be depression, abuse, etc and adding a positive spin on it, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, working through the bad times and coming out evolved & repaired from it.

‘If you are going through hell keep going’ is a completely instrumental track, so how did you show the theme throughout the song without actually using words?

Adam and Drew were previously in an instrumental band before and creating themed instrumental tracks comes quite natural, the song has lots of different dimensions to it which can sway your mood as you progress through it from slow consistent riffs to a real “crazy town” (as we call it), then sloping off at the end that we feel flows well into the last track “the end is up to me”.

Josh, our guitarist, did a ripper job with the post production keys & sampling which really makes the song.

What is your favourite song off the EP, and why? I think my favourite is ‘The other side of fear’ or ‘The end is up to me’.

Instruments is probably one of our favourites more from a live playing perspective, it’s heavy and gets the blood and adrenaline flowing.


Photo credit Make Way for the Man Facebook. Photographer Unknown

How did the idea to have two lead vocalists come about, especially with the differing sound between the two?

As said above, it was being at the right place at the right time, the intention was not to have 2 vocalists it just ended up that way, but we feel it was the best decision 100%. They complement each other so well and with 2 vocalists on stage it makes for an energetic presence.

Because the band is not a traditional heavy metal band, as you’ve described yourselves as having a tech component and with the contrast in vocalists, who are some of MWFM’s musical influences?

We are all from many different backgrounds from early Dream theatre to Michael Jackson with Meshuggah, Veil of Maya, Sikth, Architects, Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Issues, 12-foot ninja & all in between!

For the vocalists, is there any pre-show routine that you do to prepare your voice? Because I can imagine that your throat might get sore after a few songs.

General vocal warm ups through the scales and a special drink that not even I know what’s in it!

The band has only been around since late 2014, so it’s safe to say that MWFM is doing pretty well! You’ve had over 50,000 views on YouTube for your first single ‘Limitless’, toured with some well-established bands and now have your own EP and headliner tour, so how did you guys get there so fast?

We have all been in the music scene for over 10 years, we have all known each other from other bands in that time so it wasn’t like we are brand new, we have taken all our experience from over the years and made this band……we’re all in our late 20’s, early 30’s so we’re not here to mess about!

What’s been the greatest experience so far as a band?

Our debut show was supporting Trivium…

What can fans expect from the ‘Evolve and Repair’ tour?

Energy & lots of it!

Lastly, after the tour is over, what’s next for Make Way for Man?

We have a few songs we want to get down & released to tide us over while we then record our debut album for planned release early 2017.

 Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions Adam! I wish you all the best of luck for the tour, and the future!

 Make sure you’re at a show! It’s going to be a tour that you won’t want to miss!



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