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Norway’s Niterain makes a stop at Rocklahoma

What I’ve noticed the most in the past three years of working Rocklahoma is most of Europe is very accepting of the 80’s metal Genre, both the song and the lifestyle.  Within the next five years I see a shift from the bubble gum pop and death metal back to the carefree, fun attitude of the style.

I sat down with the Norwegian Band Niterain for a quick chat about Rocklahoma, their current US to Netherlands tour, and a little culture shock.

Lead singer and only Blonde, Sebastian Tvetneas . guitarist Adrian Persen, drummer Morten Garberg, and Frank Carlson on bass have very friendly, and slightly crazy personalities.  They readily admit the when they received the phone call regarding coming to Rocklahoma; it was “a definite yes”.  What ultimately brought them however?  We are here to rock girls, drink booze and rock and roll.  Well that’s definitely what they did.

I ran across all of them more than once at 3:00 AM and they were having a great time.  They caught up with friends in Steel Panther, whom they previously toured Norway with and enjoyed seeing the entire four days of music.  That’s just how it is at Rocklahoma.  They learned quickly you don’t come prepared to sleep.  During the interview on Friday they admitted that, while Camp Jaeger after parties and their set there was undeliverable, the “hadn’t been to sleep yet”.  They didn’t miss any of the subsequent after parties either. They said the crowd at Camp Jaeger was so receptive to them that the crowd was so supportive from their first song, and when they covered a song by LA Guns, he said “that’s when they went bat shit crazy”.  Their stage presence at Rocklahoma was mesmerizing.  They controlled the crowd and the stage both at Camp Jaeger and on the Retrospect Records stage.  They love the “legion formed while playing the larger stages and the ability to let out their full energy” but they commanded the small flat bed stage of Camp Jaeger just fine. “The small stages have more fan interaction because we are closer.”


Their first album, Crossfire is available world wide on Amazon. The video for Rock ‘n’ Roll, the single from the album, Vendetta, was filmed in Hollywood, California is very reminiscent of the 80’s music scene in the US, hard living hard partying, and hard rocking.  Not bad for six time veterans of the Whiskey a go go stage.



While I love all kinds of music, this seems to be my favorite.  It is bare, unapologetic and unassuming. After a brief tour of the southern US, they will be playing the summer and fall festival season in Europe.  They hope to be rocking Australia very soon.   Get to know what you can look forward to here







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Written and Images by Belinda Glass Reedy

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