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Brisbane Death Metal is alive and well… and heavily pissed off. Tomb of Doom are leading that charge and today they are dropping their new song, wrenched directly from the bowels of hell itself. It’s called Worm and it is a decimating, bone-cracking two minutes and fifty-two seconds of pure unadulterated hellfire, directed squarely at Baby Boomers and the World’s culture of consumption.

The band are releasing the track on Spotify from Monday 27/6/2016. Get yourself hit in the face repeatedly by the song here.

tomb-of-doom-03.jpgThe track is the first song released by Tomb of Doom since the addition of their new vocalist, Luke Hegarty and new drummer, Rangi Barnes. There will be a second guitarist announced shortly as well. The vivid and nightmare-inducing visuals of the cover-art were produced by Nelson Gibbins, and the brutal and hellish sounds on the track were engineered & mixed by Jack Van Rynswoud and Mastered by Matt Shorter @ RTD Studios.

Vocalist Luke Hegarty had some vitriol to spit about the content of the song. “The lyrics of this song are just my form of expressing anger and resentment toward the financial system and government that controls every aspect of our lives. Many young people are very, very angry about the fact that our economy has been inflated to the point where we will never be able to outright own our own homes or property because of the disparity between the average wage and the cost of housing or land. Negative gearing, which the baby boomers have implemented to line their own pockets has essentially fucked us.

All the while we’ve been raised to aspire to be rich and famous, to buy shit, to consume and ingest products and food that is fundamentally destructive to the human mind, body and spirit not to mention the environment in which we all inhabit and I’m really fucking pissed off about it.” 

The band are also hitting some show dates in the near future, taking in Sydney, Brisbane and Wollongong on mini-festival lineups with some of Australia’s sickest and heaviest, including Gravemind, Alpha Wolf, The Honest Crooks and To the Grave.


July 1st – Brisbane
New Globe Theatre 18+
Tomb of Doom / Gravemind + Initiate Jericho + more

July 23rd – Sydney
Kill All Your Friends Festival 4
To The Grave/Alpha Wolf/The Honest Crooks/Tomb of Doom + more

July 24th – Wollongong
To The grave/Alpha Wolf/The Honest Crooks/Tomb of Doom + more

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