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Archive X’s ‘Some Ungodly Hour’ Release date 29th July

Archive X is an uniquely interesting artist. Listening to ‘Some Ungodly Hour’ while I work I am actually quite relaxed. That is not usual! This album ranges from ambient…. to pop…. to rock…. to soul…. while keeping its gospel tone. Every track is different and has its own style and grace.

The album kicks off with Hymmm, a song that layers upon layers of vocals that sound so pleasing to the ear Definitely signs of trance inducing songs in this gem of an album. Lyrically I love ‘Brother. ‘“I believe your day is coming soon, Brother you have been down so many dead end streets.” Vocally ‘Miracle’ is a stand out song and for my favourite of all is ‘Intermission Ft JD Mayer’ for its catchy hooks and the one that remains in my head for ages.

For “Some Ungodly Hour’ to be appreciated it needs to be played over and over. I am on my forth listen and have picked up other opportunities of soul searching moments. I think I will leave it on for quite a while!

Music Injection Australia

 “Hints of Prince… some ‘Exile on Mainstreet’… and a little bit from Queen. With ArchiveX, there are praises to be sung.” Steve Hochman (KPCC/KQED/LATimes)

“ArchiveX’s blend of pop, rock, gospel and ambient: unearthly…stomping…impossibly gorgeous…pure vocal conjuring.” HITS

 “All I know is this is some mind-blowing shit!”

You can have a taste of what is to come here

The path ArchiveX has followed on the way to delivering his debut album, Some Ungodly Hour has been rich and varied and, above all else, circuitous.

A former Naval officer, this new San Francisco artist survived his years of active duty by immersing himself daily in music, learning piano and guitar and quietly finding his voice. Since then, he has been variously employed as a reporter for tech magazines, as a literary editor, a grant writer and a session vocalist for projects ranging from alt country records to Xbox videogames.

ArchiveX found his first musical success with original pieces licensed to MTV and others. But it was a 2012 invitation from left-field – to sing for a year with a revered gospel choir in the Bay Area – that inspired him to plunge into original music full-time.

Deeply moved by the choral genre’s wisdom and power, ArchiveX began writing and recording the songs that comprise Some Ungodly Hour in 2013.  There was a firm goal: not to make a gospel record – this is not religious music – but instead to make a hybrid and mash-up of genres and times (in his own words, “Soul-Ambient-Electro-Roots”) that nonetheless still captured something of old-school gospel’s directness and soul. With contemporary influences ranging from Bjork to Tom Waits and Thom Yorke, this was never going to be a straightforward proposition.

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, (a stone’s throw from Walter White’s house) there’s a hint of the desert in the raw, exposed honesty of ArchiveX’s compositions. His kaleidoscopic past has shaped his unique perspective, intellectually, emotionally and musically, which is evident in his multi-faceted sound and approach to writing and recording.

Harking back to choral styles from the 1940’s to 1960’s, he has created songs anchored in multi-tracked vocals, layered over simple acoustics and a judicious use of electronic brushstrokes. The resulting sound is a unique mix of ancient and modern, hip-hop and choral, ambient and urgent.

Preceding the record, on June 10th LoEx Music/Inconvenient Thoughts present the first single, ‘Hard Times,’ a 1961 Ray Charles classic reworked by ArchiveX, who was drawn to the track’s pointed yet universal lyrics – particularly well-suited to our own times.

And with his forthcoming album Some Ungodly Hour, ArchiveX serves notice that, though it may have taken a while to get here, his music was well worth the wait.


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